What the PS3 Needs to Compete with Kinect

Project Natal is officially called Kinect, but people don’t really know more than they did before, with the exception of the launch title lineup. What they do know, however, that Microsoft is serious about Kinect (as strange as this thing sounds) and the Xbox 360 is moving closer to general entertainment than ever before. Sony should take the challenge seriously. The PS3 platform needs some adjustment and upgrades.

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deadreckoning6662927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Compete?? What? LOL, if Kinects priced over 100 bucks(all signs point to yes) then it won't be competing with anyone. Btw, Kinects a stupid name. Natal was better IMO.

Codeman4202927d ago

i was pretty much going to say wat you said but in one word-----NOTHING!!!

DJexs2927d ago

hold on they do need something something I like to call the playstation eye. heck they could hall out their backup and bring a ps2 and the original eye toy and they should be more then fine

BYE2927d ago


Why crack a nut with a sledgehammer?

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Cevapi882927d ago

and if what they showed are the only launch titles, then i dont see how gamers who already own a 360 would give this tech a 2nd look...the library is catered towards a casual market...and the one game that looked interesting (SW)...they dont show gameplay on the floor at the conference but a video of what kinect is capable of accomplishing

Christopher2927d ago

Honestly, Move really doesn't need anything to compete. It's an additive element that's proven to already be incorporated into games that will exist without or without Move controls and has additional casual/party games. Hardcore gamers will much prefer a peripheral that's additive to their gaming of choice and perhaps offers some casual games versus a peripheral that is solely for casual gaming.

ico922927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The Ps3 doesnt need anything to compete with Kinect because it already has the eye toy and its had that for quite some time now , and it can do pretty much everything Kinect can for $100 less even without Move, Kinect doesnt really have that much over PS EYE,

playstation_clan2927d ago

is give games that gamers would want to play not dancing or wii sports. whatever its called. Can you say casual market Microsoft?

boodybandit2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Kinect wont. That's not only how Move will compete but will without question be the more viable option. That and most likely it will be signifcantly cheaper. Sony is catering to all gamers with their motion controller.

sikbeta2927d ago

The 2 Devices don't Compete anymore, not at least until MS actually Show Something about kinect, what we saw now it makes kinect more like a device purely oriented to the casual crowd, while the PS Move is proving that it can be used in any kind of game and by that covering the "need" of all kind of gamers...

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dizzleK2927d ago ShowReplies(2)
saint_john_paul_ii2927d ago

compete with kinect???

theres no competition, especially when sony shows that PS move is compatible and friendly with the most hardcore of games compared to the casual Kinect...

Qui-Gon Jim2927d ago

Kinect is really cool for what it does, but Move can bring similar experiences PLUS bring new control and gameplay possibilities to core games. Kinect may show that in coming months, but Microsoft REALLY needed to show it today, and they didn't.

N4PS3Fanboys2927d ago

The casual market is who will be buying these motion controls, so if Move isn't marketed toward that group then it won't sell. Kinect is already going to sell far better than Move since it is something new and fresh. We've already experienced motion controls with the Wii. Hands-free is the future of gaming. Anyone who thinks Move is going to sell anywhere close to Kinect must be out of their mind.

sikbeta2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

NO! no matter what you said that's not gonna happen, Average Joes will not see kinect as something new and fresh when they realize that the device is an add-on of a console and making the whole package more expensive than the wii, if the thing do the same motion-crap all over again nobody will buy it, casuals already have wii consoles gathering dust, there is no way they fall again

With games is the only way to sell those new Motion-devices and I assure you Sony got covered that Aspect Pretty Well, I can't say the same thing about MS, not when I don't even See a Real Demonstration of the device Working, cos what MS showed in the Special Kinect Show was Totally Pre-Recorded...

Ult iMate2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The most of Kinect Adventure games were not using the 3D abilities of Kinect. So games like rafting (down the river - forgot the title) or that on on rails are completely possible with PSeye camera.

Omega Zues2927d ago


All Sony has to do is not show off a tiger named Skittles.

saint_john_paul_ii2927d ago

someone really needs to gif that part of the conference, as well as the jogging part...

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