An armchair view of E3 2010: Microsoft

Critical Gamer writes: Even before this started, it was already known that Natal had become Kinect. I’m still trying to work out why they think that name is better. In fact, I’m willing to bet money on people accidentally calling it Kinetic for the first year. Predictions going in: Kinect priced around £99.99, 250gb 360 priced around £250, Metal Gear Rising gameplay trailer and every Kinect game shown being far more underwhelming than the Milo demo from last year.

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Jim Crikey2925d ago

Brilliantly written, I want all my E3 coverage to be this funny!

scruffy_bear2925d ago

LOL yeah very funny, why did MS show up with so little

Elimin82924d ago

Looking at the part where he tries to get in the car in the demo tells me its gonna be frustrating playing most of those titles. there were too manny lags in some of those game demos. e.g. Touch to open 'wait' touch to get it 'wait' slide to close door wait' touch to start car etc... to me after waiting so long to play a game I just want to JUMP right in.. it's bad enough some devs post a shit load of creds before you start playing...

My 2cents......

C L O U D2924d ago

"The Elites should stop say wort-wort-wort and move onto milk."

Haha great article.

voodoopickle2924d ago

to know, why wasnt milo at E3 this year? they had Peter Molyneux. Was it because as usual he promises a shit ton, and only delivers about a third?!

Cubes2923d ago

Kinect looks really poor I have to say. Without a controller it's never going manage to play complex games like FPS's. Looks like it's going to get a big steaming pile of shovelware to appeal to the masses. Disappointing conference from MS.