Microsoft Sends Out Ninja-Stalkers to Advertise Kinect in Press Hotel Rooms

Kombo says: Microsoft must have hired professional stalkers to paste phrases like "you're looking at 5 million years of R&D" and "you are the controller."

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jack_burt0n2953d ago

green ring, cez and crap gamer.

gaffyh2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

All of whom are the same guy...

...Aaron Greenburg. :D

Cevapi882953d ago

ironic that they will advertise the tech with ninjas instead of having a ninja/samurai game to advertise for Kinect

dizzleK2953d ago

they were placed in bathrooms to help ease reporters jet-lagged bowels.

"i am the cont....*pfffffffft plunk!* "5 million years of...*kersplash!*

Duke Spookem2953d ago

If nobody was there then I bet they also stole some money or anything else laying around the room while the people were gone.

Bellcross2953d ago

They better check for a Kinect inside who knows who maybe watching. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.