Microsoft Lost E3

Kingslayer from writes, "It’s a long drawn out reason why I’m not at E3 with the rest of the team, but I’m not getting down about it. In fact after watching Microsoft’s E3 conference in some ways I’m glad I wasn’t in that auditorium. Mind you getting a new slick Xbox 360 free would have been cool. I would have far more wanted to envy my fellow journalists for being absent. Instead I’m left wondering; what was on Microsoft’s mind with this conference, and I don’t know if I could have sat through it. Well a free redesigned Xbox 360 is enticing."

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OOG2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

seems like not many people are very happy with what they had to offer.....just give me more new hardcore games! lol

We can't really say they lost... just seems like they went the Wii route this year.... while EA just hit a homerun... so as far as the core gamers are concerned EA is leading right now id think.

@- Ghost of Sparta -

thats a little extreme... I wouldn't say they lost sales/customers (they might have gained some if the casuals like it)...multiplats alone are overwhelming... I just don't think they excited most of the current owners.

Al Bundy2957d ago

Agreed. MS gives the usual Halo and Gears and then focuses on shovel ware for kinect.

OOG2957d ago

yeah I thought we might have got to see a new project gotham..nope....Turn 10 just teased me when walking on stage :/ lol ah well all the games this year are just amazing looking anyway... tons to play on all systems multiplat and exclusive.

Hideo_Kojima2957d ago

casuals should be over the moon though with that exercise game :P

Its better than Wii Fit I think if Natal is not too expensive it will be popular with the casual gamers.

Shadow Flare2957d ago

What an awful conference lol. I was expecting at the very least for aaron greenberg to reveal a tattoo of milio on his big bald head

WhittO2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

We still need to see Nintendo's conference, I'm sure that it is them who will "loose" lol.

MS focussed WAY too much on Kinect, and it wasn't anything surprising or even entertaining, just boring and cringe-worthy, and mostly annoying since alot of it was blatantly not even running code/playable games and more scripted for them to "pretend" to play.

presto7172957d ago

They are trying to eat off the wii's success. But I guess they just cant do it like Nintendo. Apparently the show sucked. Itagaki walked in, looked around and left thinking to himself "WTF is this sh*t I just saw? Give me back the minutes of my life you stole"

I am sure many others felt that way. That is how the story always ends with Microsoft.

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N4GAddict2957d ago

I expected more surprises

D4RkNIKON2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Yeah there were no real surprises, everything was already known with the exception of the crytek game pretty much

@phantom disagree, what surprised you?

bjornbear2957d ago

a little casual, but over all solid

BF:BC2 expansion is awesome

Deadspace 2 looks amazing

MoH looked solid although completely rehashed

Bulletstorm and Crysis looked AWESOME =3

deadreckoning6662957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

MOH looks great but its WAAAAY too similar to BC2 to warrant a purchase from me. Still, ima have an awesome time with the beta on Thursday:)

Ryuha1234h2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

EA was not great, the only great game they show at the conference was Dead Space 2. After that all their other games were mostly FPS, games we knew about. I got bored watching their conference. Even though Microsoft conference was a letdown but I still think they did a better than EA.

- Ghost of Sparta -2957d ago

They lost more than E3. They lost any potential customers they might have had in the future.

SixZeroFour2957d ago

because EVERY potential consumer watched the e3 conference right? thats what you were getting at?

Shadow Flare2957d ago

If kinetc is a failure, i think thats blown apart the 360's future to some extent. I always got the impression microsoft were putting all their eggs in the natal basket. I mean, they didnt even really announce any new games! Theyre really pining on this to be as success and it can easily bite them in the ass

Jazz41082957d ago

You guys are going to be sad at Sonys conference if you think they are going to announce more exclussive games that you dont dont know about Mark these words, there conference will be full of move and more move with the same casual market in mind.

Redlogic2957d ago

You better be in this thread after Sony's conference tomorrow. I will be you my lunch they will show off some new IP's from first party devs and maybe 1 or 2 games for the Move aimed at the hardcore. Yes, there will be plenty of casual stuff but Sony will still make games for their hardcore audience and not focus 99% of their attention on Move like MS is doing with Kinect.

For those of you defending MS for turning on the hardcore audience because Kinect is a cash grab on casuals, shame on you. My xbox is oh so close to getting traded in at Gamestop. I still have my ps3 and wii.

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Dance2957d ago

i think you meant the fanboys were not happy

Lifendz2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

granted, it wasn't a great showing. Okay, it was a very underwhelming showing. But to say they lost? I mean, we still have to see what Nintendo does. And who knows....Sony may devote a good 10 minutes to some little girl playing with a tiger while some car salesman sounding fitness guy talks about his fitness gam.....sorry, couldn't type the rest I was laughing so hard.

What does MS need to do to make up for this showing? Fire Aaron Greenberg.


MS lost, it was as clear cut as it could ever get.

I think other E3's you could watch and sort of argue from one fanboy point of view to the other who was better, but this year it's no contest.

I don't need to see sony's to know that MS failed hard !

boodybandit2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

that says it all! Every time I turn on my 360 you are on XBL playing your games.

You sound as digusted as I am.

It's almost like what we saw today wasn't real. Like a joke or something. My wife knows I love gaming but she can't believe how seriously, I guess dejected is the best way to describe it, that I am right now. Not in a childish way but I really do enjoy gaming. I have been gaming for over 30 years. I split my gaming time pretty evenly between the 360 and PS3 but right now I don't even want to look at my 360's. ;)


ya exactly.

I have never been one to hide which system I like most.

I have always said I am more a 360 fan although I own both ps3 and 360. having said that I normally just say it like I see it and just because something is on the 360 does not mean it gets a pass in my book.

You only need to dig up my gears of war 2 comments to know that about me.

This year really was a bad joke as far as being a 360 fan goes for me.

it was rubbish, just rubbish in my book and thats just my honest opinion as a 360 fan.

Thank God I do own both systems, maybe sony can still get me excited about " real " games. so far the only thing that has done it for me is Dead Space 2.

I know is sounds really spiteful and bitter but I really hope what they are doing backfires on them ( going after this whole casual thing now ) anyway, they have lost me big time.

I still like my console and I will still get my multiplats and all that for my 360, but MS can go suck a lemon !

Redlogic2957d ago

I agree with both you guys, my xbox is sitting in the corner in the fetal position after the lashing I just gave it. Sure I felt bad after I did it, but my xbox disrespected me and I can't stand for that type of behavior!

boodybandit2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Damn OOG that is EXACTLY what was going through my mind when Turn 10 took the stage! I was like finally we are getting off this Kinect crap and Turn 10 is going to debut Project Gotham 5! When they showed Forza game for Kinect with no gas or brake I thought I wass going to throw one of my 360 units through the screen. I was seriously like WTF?!

I really should take a step back because everytime I think about their press conference I get so disgusted and disappointed. I am going to go down to 1 bubble if I don't hold my tongue. Honestly though I am extrememly disappointed in MS right now.

I was once, as probably a good deal of us were, a HUGE Nintendo fan up until the Gamecube and they completely lost me with the Wii. MS DON'T follow their lead!


ya I really thought for sure we would see a new Pgr...

but no ! MS would rather invest in us walking round a virtual car so we can get on our hands and knees and inspect the break pads !

Id like to get some of those exects and insert the mini xbox up their rectums !

bring it on Sony, I look forward to GT5 destroying the crap out of those F£"^kers !!

ico922957d ago

Natal last year looked kinda amazing but rather than build on top of it they took a huge step backwards Kinect isnt the revolutionary, innovative controler that microsoft has been hyping for over a year now its a glorified eye toy i mean LOL at Kinectimals and that Dance game, and what happened to Milo was Peter Moleneux talking out his A$$ as usual ?


Doesn't microsoft have another briefing coming up? I thought the one today was just for kinect.

eggbert2957d ago

the one YESTERDAY was supposed to be for Kinect. Today's conference was their real conference, and it turned out to be 70% about Kinect.

TheDeadMetalhead2957d ago

Microsoft loses E3 forever. Seriously, that conference was a total joke.

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Al Bundy2957d ago

They sure did. E3 now belongs to Sony.

butterfinger2957d ago

that Sony doesn't focus too much of their keynote on Move. From what I've seen so far, Move definitely has the better looking titles.

sombrero2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Man, what if Sony only showed similar casual titles for Move? That would be horrible. I think I'd just give up on consoles for a while.

RememberThe3572957d ago

But don't expect them to mention Move in passing, they're going to talk a lot about it. I'm hoping that they show something other than Socom for the hardcore with Move.

WMW2957d ago

it wouldn't matter if sony showed only move because they already have shown kz3, socom4, lbp2 and infamous 2 they already won E3 anything else is extra.

TheLeprachaun2957d ago

No I think this is all Nintendo's to win this year.

bobdog6262957d ago

Just look at the PS Fanboys now.They all have that Al Bundy Look.Won't be long before they change sides ,I can see it in there eyes.LMAO

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Droid Smasha2957d ago

then who won?

there was only one conference so far. Lame articles looking for hits

Nitrowolf22957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

yeah you do know there were more then one other then MS
if your talking about the big 3 then can't judge but MS conference looks easy to top

I mean EA is showing dead space at SONY conference so

Bodster2957d ago

IMO Sony could beat MS this E3 if Kevin Butler just stood on the stage for 2 hours, doing nothing but stare :)

There seriously was nothing that really impressed me at MS's conference, although the Slim version didnt look too bad :)

deafwing2957d ago

EA had their conference .. but when the Dead Space director said ..

" we'll show the rest of the Dead Space 2 demo at Sony conference .. the crowd went nuts ..."

then they showed Medal of Honor .. it was basaltic.

TheJudgement2957d ago

but definetly not MS lol. MS shot themselves in the foot with that conference they put all their eggs in the Natal or I should say Kinect basket and failed horrifically. I seen more things from Sony and they didnt even have their conference yet which is enough to say MS lost right there.

AntBoogy902957d ago

Natal, or "Kinect", failed to impress anybody. Now Sony has a huge chance to win over the public at E3 with their Playstation Move. Microsoft shouldn't have put their main focus on Kinect . . that was the problem. My friend watched it and he likes his Xbox . . he was annoyed with all the spotlight on Kinect.

DaTruth2957d ago

"Natal, or "Kinect", failed to impress anybody."

Bu, bu, bu, but, lets wait for E3 to decide if Natal fails... oh, wait!

MRMagoo1232956d ago

they will still try to find a way around the embarrassment that is kinetic and all the hyping they where doing soon itll be "noone said it was gonna be huge or amazing we all knew it was crap it was the ps3 fanboys that said it was amazing"

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NYC_Gamer2957d ago

no first party support=fail.....

Convas2957d ago

That's not true! They did have their First Party Support out in full force! ... Working on Kinect games. (-.-)'

Paradise2957d ago

That was one of the worst press conferences I've ever seen.

FordGTGuy2957d ago

You never saw the Nintendo Wii Music conference.

Nitrowolf22957d ago

dude as fnny as that might have been, at least that one made you laugh
this one idk, rather boring

FordGTGuy2957d ago

I agree it was to long for what they showed, the conference wasn't bad as long as you had it prerecorded and could skip through the dumb commentary from some of the announcers.

qface642957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

least they actually revealed something at that horrible nintendo conference

microsoft really didn't show anything new whatsoever
their biggest surprise was leaked before the show