IGN E3 2010: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Preview

Though EALA is doing the single-player for Medal of Honor, it's DICE (makers of Battlefield: Bad Company 2) handling the multiplayer component. While the expectation may be for DICE to offer up Battlefield's multiplayer with a different coat of paint, that's not the case at all. Medal of Honor's multiplayer certainly has elements of DICE's design heritage, but it's more about ground infantry combat. The battles, 12-on-12 online matches featuring special forces versus insurgents, are intense and brutal. You die quickly thanks to "faster bullets" as DICE describes it, and a lack of health packs. This is war. Good luck surviving.

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RememberThe3572837d ago

I cannot wait for this game!

deadpoole2837d ago

the thing I hate about Activision/Treyarch is that there loyalty to xbox 360 and $$$ expensive dlc packs till 2012 for Call of Duty franchise is definately gonna alienate gamers and thats the reason
EA games such as Medal of Honor, BFBC series are gonna outshine these aholes cuz

1. First they give tons of stuff for free and care about players.
2. Best Dynamic Sound Effects ever.
3. Beautifull maps.
4. They don't act like dicks (Activision).

I've seen MOH and instead of buyin COD:Black Ops, Im gonna buy something different of the same (Medal of Honor) ... at least I wont be noobtubed like you do in COD with killing streaks.

Gago2837d ago

its sounds alot like MW2

which is a good thing,

but why?

DirtyLary2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

MW2 done right. Don't mind it being a clone with that.

No more tiny rat maze maps that allow the enemy to spawn on you if you don't rotate around the map fast enough.

NY_State2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

So even tho the lead platform is the PS3 and the demo was played on the PS3 the link for this story goes to the 360 IGN section. FFFFFUUU IGN. If the MP plays anything like BFBC2 I won't be picking this up.

NY_State2837d ago

Checkout the MP video it looks like they have change many of the things that I didn't like about BFBC2 MP. What I want is the fasted pace action of MW2 MP but with none of it's fucked up issues.

bruddahmanmatt2837d ago

As much as I am anti-killstreak I like what DICE decided to do here. Rather than award bonuses based on the number of kills you've racked up (which is a completely individual achievement) they dole them out based on the score you accumulate for the duration of your survival. That means that if you're capturing bases and supporting your team, you still rack up points and you still get access to the bonuses. In other words, you don't end up with a game where everyone is in it for himself in an attempt to get the ubern00k.

jjohan352837d ago

let's just hope they don't recycle the same maps over and over like Bad Company 2. Otherwise thumbs up.

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tdrules2837d ago

its like the best bits of COD4 with the awesome sound design of DICE and Frostbite.

Bolts2837d ago

EA could have something here as long as they realize MW 2 weak points and improve upon them in Medal of Honor. For starters this game better feature dedicated servers for all platforms. That should vastly improve the gameplay experience. There's nothing worst then those annoying host switching message in the middle of a heated match.

NY_State2837d ago

BFBC2 suffers from some lag issues but nowhere near the level of MW2. Didn't experience any migration issues or disconnects. It was pretty solid from what I remember but my experiences could have been different some someone else. This was the PS3 version.

Bolts2837d ago

MW2 suffered serious migration issues at launch, it's not as bad now but there are occasional hiccups and I can still tell when it's happening. I'm totally spoiled by dedicated servers in PC games and Killzone 2. The experience should be seamless and dedicated servers is the only way the ensure that. I do like being at the mercy of some kid interrupting my game because his mom told him it's time for dinner.

EliteAssass1n2837d ago

killstreaks? ya, no thanks

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