Own Starships in Star Wars: The Old Republic

GamerZines writes:

During the EA press conference, BioWare has confirmed that players will be able to own their own starships in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Raf1k12837d ago

I like the idea of having your own starship in this game but only if theres more to it than just allowing you to move from planet to planet.

Some customisation would be nice along with being able to upgrade it with features you can actually make use of while questing.

Redempteur2837d ago

i need customisation , and be able to choose my crew .. it worked very well in skies of arcadia ( exploring to get usefull people )

and recruting CAN be done well ...suikoden games are doing it just fine ..

same with infinite space ...

Panthers2837d ago

I am really curious as to how this would work? They would have to be rather large and having everyone with their own ship would be crazy. I am also wondering if we would actually be able to fly them around ourselves, or just run around inside them.

DJKGBYF2837d ago

Why would it be crazy? That's the way it is in SWG.

Obama2837d ago

pay to play? If that's the case no thanks.

The cgi trailer looks awesome though.

DJKGBYF2837d ago

Why? A lot of other games are pay to play. You have to pay for Xbox Live but that doesn't stop people from using that.

NCAzrael2837d ago

Welcome to the world of decent MMOs. Those are the ones you pay a monthly fee for.

Dramscus2837d ago

Century. Definitely right after the third movie.

DJKGBYF2837d ago

It's set 3600 years before Episode IV.

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