UFC boss calls EA Sports a 'joke'

UFC president Dana White has labelled EA sports a joke.

White's comments came shortly after EA Sports president Peter Moore took to the stage at the publisher's E3 media briefing to showcase a number of upcoming titles, including MMA.

Posting on Twitter, White said: "EA sports is a joke and told me when I talked to them that mma is NOT a real sport and they would NEVER make an mma video game."

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Iamback2931d ago

Dana White is a joke and so is his UFC game. God i cant stand that idiot

Parapraxis2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Dana White single handedly brought MMA back from near death. He has helped bring it to the huge status it has now within a decade.
He's definitely not a joke.
A bullish shrewd business man for sure, but he also does a lot of good stuff for young kids and the US military. And the sport in general.
Yeah, it's considered a sport now, it wasn't considered one until he came along.

Noctis Aftermath2931d ago

Still, he needs to stop whining and get on with his job.

Parapraxis2931d ago

That man works so bloody hard it's crazy.
He also actually gives a sh!t about his fans.
Just check his twitter and you'll see that he is truly dedicated to them.

evrfighter2931d ago

Dana white actually cares for the mma sport with a passion. Ea spit on h
that. This is a justified hatred by dana white. Imma back up dana on this one and not buy ea's game.

deno2931d ago

I was watching pride back in the day, and then dana white bought out a great company. He didn't bring anything back!! He doesn't even care about the fighters. You and the rest of the kids must be new to mma.

adamx2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

WRONG at the time mma was only dying in america,It was thriving in asia and brazil, get your facts straight.
Dana white sucks and he single handidly killed mma for many fans

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Tomkar2931d ago

lol Dana White is the only honest bastard in MMA! He is the one that makes sure we get to see the match-ups the people want! He is honest and cool!

finbars752931d ago

Actually if you want to be technical its joe silva who gives us the matches and latley they havnt been so great.

finbars752931d ago

sorry technically its joe silva who makes the fights and latley the fight matchups have been horrible

darkequitus2931d ago

What, Fraklin v liddel horrible? Carwin match-ups. Rua? There are a load I can mention that were no horrible. Silva cannot make the fighter put on a Good show. He can't stop Anderson Silva being a clown

Infernostew2931d ago

Dana White has every right to be pissed at EA Sports. He tried to pitch the UFC MMA game to them and they said it would never sell so White went to THQ and they made Undisputed. Then once Undisputed sold like crazy, EA sports decided to try to compete again them. I don't blame WHite one bit.

Baka-akaB2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

hardly a reason to be furious actually .

For starters let's not kid ourselves , even if the sport is dear to his heart obviously , this whole videogame licensing deal, besides further exposure , is a business .

We do not know how much white would ask such a company as EA in term of licensing , and royalties .
And on the other hand we've got an EA rightfully so greedy , just out of their recent DEF jam mixed fand wrestling fighting game franchise and looking at dozen of mediocre wrestling and k1 games . No way in hell would they gamble on something not fullproof yet expensive in sports . (hell ufc 2010 is going slower than 2009)

They obviously again saw the big success and now follow suits on their own .
Dana white doesnt own any kind of monopoly on MMA fighting anyway .

He actually should be happy to work with people that care , and making him more money instead .

Abriael2931d ago

Which is White's version of the story. Not necessarily what really happened, or all that's happened

Abriael2931d ago

Bottomline, the game looks actually good, probably better than Undisputed. No one is going to care about what Mr. White thinks while they're having fun playing it.

II Necroplasm II2931d ago

Yeah if it wasn't for White, UFC would be owned by Vince McMahon. And it would have been ruined!

DirtyLary2931d ago

Usually Dana is insulting fan on his twitter.

Count the f bombs during the next PPV, just don't play the drinking game .. you will lose.

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-Ikon-2931d ago

ya bc now they see the $$$ to bad a ufc license would have brought in more dough. Dana tried as you can tell. foolish ea

Baka-akaB2931d ago

dead horse being beaten up , all over again . EA had no obligation to release an ufc game , a costly license , without actual proof of success .
They already lost a lot by not gambling on it , and saw ufc becoming the biggest selling fighting franchise , and copied it .

Nothing new under the sun , despite White's hyper tantrums

Lord Gunchrote2931d ago

Dana needs to quit is biz. He'd knock me for saying that but UFC had to simply prove games based on the sport would sell...the previous ones didn't...

Ryuha1234h2931d ago

EA's conference was a joke, I mean come on the only great game they showed at their Conference was Dead Space 2, after that all they showed was mostly FPS games we already knew about.

Omega62931d ago

Your dumb. Simple as that.

Ryuha1234h2931d ago

Your gay. Simple as that.

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