Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam - E3 2010 Announcement Trailer [HD]

Battlefield- Bad Company 2 Vietnam - E3 2010 Announcement Trailer [HD]

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Erotic Sheep2956d ago

Wasn't there already a Battlefield: Vietnam?

STONEY42956d ago

That was a long time ago on PC, and it was multiplayer focused (no campaign) like all the other old Battlefield games. This is an expansion pack to Bad Company 2.

BYE2956d ago

There have been tons of WWII and Modern Warfare games too, Vietnam is a fresh scenario in comparison to the other two.

Nodoze2956d ago

Instead of more maps for the existing BFBC 2 they are throwing us this? No thanks. Does anyone else feel that DICE abandoned this title after release? Everything they have given thus far are disc unlockables. No thanks DICE, keep your uniforms, and keep this. This is one area where you can learn from Activision. They actually provide and produce NEW maps.

KiRBY30002956d ago

according to the press release, the vietnam pack has 4 new maps for multiplayer modes.

i agree tho, we should be getting this pack asap and not in 6 month when nobody is playing anymore. DICE working on MOH multiplayer is probably the reason why we are not getting this any sooner. damn.

BattleAxe2956d ago

This is the reason why I traded in BC2 last week.I had been playing BC2 since day one, but its boring already. Not enough features and maps out of the box.

sak5002956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

@nodoze Mabye you're a kid and dont know the franchise. Us BF fans have been crying for BF:Vietnam version for ages. I still have the PC Box in my shelf, loved the game and the music of 60s and 70s and now with this it will bring back good memories. I used to play for 4~5 hours a day 5 - 6 years back.

DAY 1 for me can't wait.. "when the truth is found to be lies"

So u got bored and what has caught your eye? BC2 has the best MP action for any fps game on any platform. There are no cheats like Perks or kill streaks to boost n00bs.

BattleAxe2956d ago

BC2 has some cool gameplay features, but the game, as with BF 1943 and BC1 are poorly supported. The lag was quite bad at times to the point I would be shooting at someone and no hash marks would show up to show the I was hitting my opponent. The knifing sucks real bad, I can't tell you how many times it appeard that I had the knife firmly implanted in an enemy's skull, only for them to turn around at the last second and kill me.

Weapon balancing was pretty bad in BC1, and its not the greatest in BC2, for example people can snipe with a shotgun. With only 4 game modes and co-op which you can purchase for $10(rip off) and a lack of variety in the maps department its gotten stale fast. Not to mention that all game modes are still not playable on all maps. In BC2 you have Sniping Noobs. They sit back in the bushes and in the farthest corner of the maps and use artilery strikes all game long.

Personally I'm having alot more fun playing hardcore on MW2. The game came with 16 maps and 12 game modes + 23 co-op missions. I also like being able to talk to the whole team which you can't do in Battlefield and I can have up to 9 friends in my party and make private rooms. I bought the map pack so now I've got 5 more maps, plus I will be getting the next map pack for an additional 5 maps. People who pay $10 for a new game mode like on BC2 need to give their heads a shake. Medal of Honor is going to be set up the exact same way as BC2, only this time I'm not going to waste my money.

psycho3602956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )


LAG i've been playing it since the day it was released and in so many months i've had maybe handful of times felt lag and dont even mention about getting thrown to menu in middle of the game as it only happened once or twice. Unlike the POS games MW2 where 5 out of 10games i felt lag and every 2/10 games i used to get bumped out of them match only to re-enter it again automatically with all my score reset. SO as much as i tried to be patient with MW2 and continued to play it for long time tll BC2 came and i never went back to mw2. I'm now thinking of selling it off as well.

BTW i'm talking about playing on XBLIVE.

Serjikal_Strike2956d ago

now this is worth paying 15 bucks for...cant wait

sak5002956d ago


Can't wait, i feel like reinstalling BF:V on my pc. The propganda radio, 70s inspired music etc. The jungle trails etc.

BYE2956d ago

Out of all video game war scenarios Vietnam is easily my favorite.

FalconR2892955d ago

The song "Fortunate Son" is such a cleche for any form of media during the Vietnam. I'm not hating on the song just saying its over used I thing even though its a good song. Hope to see more from EA soon.