How Will Sony Top Microsoft's Oprah Effect?

Sure, many gamers have been calling Microsoft’s recent Xbox 360 generous giveaway this morning nothing more than a bribe, but does it even matter? This is by far one of the biggest things to happen to gaming, and one of the smartest moves Microsoft could have done this year.

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Nitrowolf22955d ago

i don't think this will have much of an effect
People outside will be like okay what ever
Oprah is a powerful lady, i mean console compared to a new car, not the same
It really won't be hard to top them, i mean if your impressed with that part where they gave away gift and yet there show wasn't even that good then okay

- Ghost of Sparta -2955d ago

Bribing an audience = Smart? The word you're looking for is pathetic.

As far as every true gamer is concerned, Sony topped E3 before E3 even started. Killzone 3 is all they needed but they went on to announce inFamous 2, LBP2, and Motorstorm: Apocalypse. Sony ONLY needs to show up to win, but they're doing more, which only results in complete domination.

Nitrowolf22955d ago

yeah there show started on that Friday with game play footage of some of there games
i garentee we will see more first party games unveiled

Cevapi882955d ago

how about free online???? anyone?? any

just having fun ;)

siyrobbo2955d ago

thats not difficult seeing as MS totally dropped the ball by showing NOTHING of merit. The only new exclusive shown was the crytek one, but that was just a reveal teaser, didnt even say what genre it was in.

webeblazing2955d ago

im sorry to say it is smart on they part. dirty tactics but thats MS. and i would of never thought of oprah effect lmao. oprah dont play dirty shes a maneater with a cult

Hideo_Kojima2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I bet the guy who wrote this was in the conference and wants more freebies...

I think they should take the 360s as a review sample not as a bribe.

If they give positive reviews just because they got it for free they should not be working in this industry...

Don't forget most reviewers get all their games for free anyway.

@webe talking about Oprah like that makes me think of her as Mom from Futerama :P

darthv722955d ago

Why would sony have to do something similar? Is it required now all of a sudden that if you attend a trade show it is to be expected to walk away with a full console.

Bribe or smart marketing...either way sony should just continue to do their own thing and not give this another thought.

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jemarval2955d ago


I agree with you... "oprah effect"??? pfft Thats ridiculous. I think sony doesnt need that, and they better dont.

NeoBasch2955d ago

agreed. I'd be pissed if Sony stooped that low. Hopefully, they call Microsoft out on it. Bribing the press is a sign of weakness. M$ is a joke right now. Microsoft is lucky to still have Bungie (Halo: Reach) and Epic (Gears of War III). Without them, their conference would have been by far the worst conference of all time.

Impressing gamers is more important than impressing journalists. Sony knows this. They'll let the games do the talking, which is ironic, really, since M$ failed to bring the games despite stating that they would. FAIL!

JackBNimble2955d ago

MS may as well have just given out $300 cash, there really isn't any difference with what they did, a bribe is a bribe.

ViciousBoston2955d ago

"This is by far one of the biggest things to happen to gaming"


Silly gameAr2955d ago

LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only that was like WTF when I read that. As long as Sony bring the games I'm looking for, that's all I need. Oprah effect?


poindat2955d ago

"This is by far one of the biggest things to happen to gaming"

...I stopped reading right there. How anybody can believe that a giveaway is one of the biggest things to happen to gaming is beyond me. This person obviously doesn't care about actual games and thus I give them no more of my time.

D4RkNIKON2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

No one cares but the people who were at the conference and it doesn't effect anyone else. Who ever wrote the article clearly thinks that this free xbox is the greatest thing in the world.

coolasj2955d ago

the press just to impress them. they are bribing the press because they are the ones that give us our information. and i guarantee consciously or not, most stuff about MS from the people at that conference wont be as harsh as they would've been.

siyrobbo2955d ago

i dont think they did it to bribe the press. They showed this conference livbe on tv to millions, streamed it to millions online and in times square and then totally dropped the ball. Millions were more than likely disapointed, and the dont get a free 360 to sweet-talk them

TheDeadMetalhead2955d ago

"How Will Sony Top Microsoft's Oprah Effect?"

I don't know. They could do what EA did and actually show GAMES instead of a couple of bad actors using Video Chat to talk about "legit gamerscore". Just an idea.

BeOneWithTheGun2955d ago

They will probably do it by:

offering a great console with features already built into it rather than charge us extra for each one.

Become the leading platform for, oh, I don't know, EA to use at E3.

Offer a plethora of games that are exclusive and ground breaking.

Offer a motion control device that does not reload your gun when you answer the phone.

Keeping the Kevin butler commercials comming.

Bring 3-D to the masses.

That's all I can really think of at the moment.

ABizzel12955d ago

Why does Sony need to top giving away free consoles TO THE MEDIA WHICH ALREADY HAS THEM. Microsoft did nothing and that was their attempt to push their conference from average to slightly above average, and the only people who got the benefit were the people there.

Other than that it was still a mediocre conference, not bad, but nothing special.

yess2955d ago

I don't think Sony is even caring about MS show.
They will run their own show as where they alone, the cool way.

DamonTheMoney2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

What type of people are in the halls at E3? Journalists.

By giving them free 360s, they're basically guaranteeing themselves good responses and write-ups from the more influential websites in gaming; nobody would criticize the FREE console they recieved, unless it's immediately followed by an adorning compliment to it.

By getting good press, the general public will think that Microsoft's gaming products are the bee's knees and will flock to buy them (in theory, anyway). Like I said, from a business standpoint, genius.

Microsoft Xbox 3602955d ago

Sony: GT5 releases in a week! Free G27 wheel for all attendees! Hot damn!

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Coolmanrico2955d ago

As long as their conference don't revolve around Move, It will be all good. I wasn't impress with Nintendo Wii years ago, wasn't interested with Kinetic (Except for the part the little girl was playing with the tiger cub, I'm a animal lover) and don't see my self getting into Move.

hamoor2955d ago

They don't have to
They already announced 4 great exclusive games even BEFORE e3 and that is more than enough
What Ms showed is demos for gears and reach and rising trailer...

dizzleK2955d ago

so an effing bribe nullifies the lack of games and it's something sony has to live up to?

jesus christ the gaming media is f*cked up beyond words. they're beyond hopeless.

RageAgainstTheMShine2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

giving free products is good but its fishy when it comes from a company like M$

everybody knows it all for show but no go

Shadow Flare2955d ago

i know. I mean microsoft could literally produce one of the worst e3 conferences ever, announce 1 new game and show 90% pre-recorded casual shovelware titles and all they'd have to do is give the attendees a little bribe and they'd be back to praising MS again.

.....oh wait...

Dylantalon12955d ago

its awesome to get free things at times but why would sony give away free things so they can top microsoft? all i know is that microsoft e3 showing was very underwhelming to say the least.if all weve seen from sony so far was shown again in their e3 press event, then sony has clearly won so i cant wait to see their press event.

gfunkera102955d ago

All Sony needs to do is show us games....not gimmicks.