Conduit 2 will have a headset

There are many advances being made in last years ambitious game, "The Conduit," that make it appear as a stellar sequel. Now it seems the game will debut a new peripheral for online wii gaming, a headset, and it also be debuted at E3.

"Among the first titles to be supporting the new headset are Sega’s Conduit 2, a science fiction military FPS with co-op and competitive online multi-player game play.

“Being able to bring headset network chat to Conduit 2 on Wii is a huge win for us, and for Wii gamers,” said Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage Software. “By incorporating the new Wii compatible headset into Conduit 2, we are able to immerse gamers into the action like never before. The microphone allows for crystal-clear communication to your Conduit 2 friends and foes alike.”""

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barakiu2932d ago

there's a headset for the DS.

might put some 'on the fence gamers' on to The Conduit

TruthbeTold2932d ago

if this is the 'mystery 3rd party peripheral' said to have the support of other 3rd party developers? Makes sense.

EvilTwin2932d ago

Well, well, well. Very nice. Now if we can just totally ditch friend codes...

Big ups, HVS. I'm not yet sold on C2, but you're keeping my attention.

Seferoth752932d ago

No company has to use friend codes dude. I dont think any EA game has yet.

SinnedNogara2932d ago

doesn't EA use their own servers though?