Gods & Heroes: City Profile: Aricia

The city of Aricia was founded long before it was conquered by Roman forces, but it has undoubtedly flourished since becoming a part of the Republic. The city has been greatly expanded and is now connected to Roma via a well-kept roadway, thus making it a suitable site for an important military post between the Republic's capital city and the contested territories to the south. Aricia has also been chosen by many Roman patricians as the site for their palatial country villas because of its proximity to Roma as well as the fact that it is situated in a pleasant, pastoral area.

Despite the presence of a large military garrison, however, lawlessness seems to be on the rise in the Alban Hills, the area surrounding Aricia in Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising (G&H). A gang of cutthroats and bandits known as the Pugnus has taken over one of the largest local orchard operations in the region, and a tribe of violent Fauni have been inciting the local wildlife against humanity in general. Meanwhile, a tribe of Samnites from south of Alban Hills has been pushing north with increasing boldness and testing the defenses of the Praesidium Primore, a giant wall that protects the pass into Alban Hills. The Praefect of Aricia is an honorable gentleman named Verus Epimachus. He is working diligently to quell the unrest in the countryside, but what he really needs is a true hero to give him a decisive advantage and help turn the tide.

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