Dead Space 2 launch date confirmed

Blood-thirsty necromorphs attack and it's up to you to save mankind. At the Electronic Arts Press Briefing during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), EA's Visceral Games revealed the highly anticipated launch date for Dead Space 2.

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ArchangelMike2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I hope the rumours are true of Move integration with Dead Space 2. That would be awesome and make the game more immersive than the first.

Brewski0072772d ago

Judging by how the "cliffhanger continues at the ps3 conference tomorrow" thats a very good guesstimation to make :)
Definately gonna go buying this one also.

XXXCouture2772d ago

and same with mgs rising. move for those titles, would make sony the king of hardcore motion controls... oh i forgot you can press buttons on a car to see it close up with kentic or whatever its called, thats pretty hardcore too

TheBand1t2772d ago

Well, that's not too far.


Aphe2772d ago

But it's not soon enough!

Seriously can't wait for this. Although I'll have to, I have no choice :(