GameStooge: Kinect Impresses

Jordan Lund is impressed by Kinect in his E3 article about Microsoft's motion control:

"I’ve written about the Playstaion Move previously – and positively! – but I hadn’t really seen enough of the Natal née Wave néeKinect to form an opinion about it. That all changed today after viewing Microsoft’s press conference from E3...

...This goes beyond the “waggle” tacked on to Wii games. The Move succeeds by being a high def version of the Wii form of gaming, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, it falls short of the interactivity that Microsoft is attempting. It will be very interesting to see where the tech ends up going."

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Al Bundy2773d ago

Wow, someone was impressed with Kinect?

JOLLY12773d ago

Someone had been on n4g, in full force, today.

boodybandit2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Google Jonah Falcon and Jordan Lund and you will see why they are impressed. Jordan is a decent guy but he has a serious hard on for Sony.

Jonah on the other hand is one of the most vicious haters of anything Sony you will ever run into. Before MS got into gaming he was on a Sega bandwagon and now MS. You wont believe the lengths this guy goes to to pump up anything MS and belittle anything positive about Sony.

Take what ever comes from his site with a huge grain of salt.

BTW N4G mods, this isn't a personal attack but the flat out truth. Google these guys for yourself. He lives on the net and usenet doing exactly what I just wrote.

morganfell2773d ago

Yeah Al, some people have low expectations. To some people anything looks good...

Christopher2773d ago

***I could see, in a squad bases shooter making your team-mates duck simultaneously by shouting “Grenade!” or the like, or addressing squad mates by name to change their behavior pattern.***

It's great that the author can see this in their mind, but we weren't shown anything of the sort at the conference. In fact, it was one of the things people were specifically looking towards seeing. This person is kind of a year behind the times with this sort of thinking. Now that E3 has come and gone for Microsoft's conferences, people are kind of just giving up on this possibility and are looking towards other gaming options.

callahan092773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I stopped reading at "but I hadn’t really seen enough of the Natal née Wave néeKinect" (his lack of a space before Kinect, not mine).

Don't use fancy words like "née" if you don't know what they mean. Also, it was never called Wave, that was just a rumor, so there's no need to have included that. You could have been correct by just saying "Kinect (née Natal)".

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gfunkera102773d ago

Got to be kidding. How will you control acceleration and braking in racing games? How can you have a quality experience when Kinect cannot hit a 1:1 Ratio.

Like the Kevin Butler spot........."Those buttons do come in handy".

N4GAddict2773d ago

I was wondering about that as well.

gaffyh2773d ago

One thing I was wondering was, why did they have to keep their hands over an option for a few seconds for it to select? Surely if it was as accurate as we were led to believe they could simply close their hands into a fist and select an option?

mimizone2773d ago

we might see some sort of controller in the future used with kinect. I wouldn't be surprised and that would make a lot of sense. It might take sometime just because of marketing pushing the no-controller thing first, or maybe another company will do it if the SDK allows it.

gfunkera102773d ago

You hit it. I can see Microsoft realizing they need some kind of device to be able to immerse someone further and compete with motion controllers that allow you to play the same games you have been playing for years.

I don't think we would be far off in the thinking they may be working on something now. The camera technology is there, just like Eye Toy, so I'm sure a simple firmware update could make Natal compatible with an external device.

iceman28852773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

On the Star Wars kinect article from earlier. Basically I think that the Star Wars game looked weak and one thing they could do to easily improve it is to provide a 'lightsaber controller' that provides haptic feedback (for whenever you reflect a shot or attack a stormtrooper etc...).

Basically, I think that is the biggest problem I will have with Kinect, is the lack of any feedback other than audio and visual (and yes, I had the same problem with playstation eye).

Sure I can stand here and move my avatar around using my body, but I don't feel like I'm actually doing/playing unless I get some kind of touch feedback (i.e. give me a set of gloves that lets me know when I hit a ball in the ricochet demo).

Maybe I'm crazy, but for me the ability to get some type of feedback other than audio and visual when I'm using my body to move around is of huge importance.

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nilamo2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I was impressed with the Tech, but the software was HORRIBLE! The potential kinect has for the adventure genre is HUGE. too bad they spent their whole time making stupid mini games and shovelware.

Baka-akaB2773d ago

seriously , natal alone would be enough to revolutionize adventure games such as monkey island , or hybrid such as heavy rain ... but no it got to be something about petting a whole zoo , and silly boat rafting

karl2773d ago

well... kentic would have work with all tipes of games if it could only detect your fingers...

u cant grab anything with kinect so how are u going to pick up items or pull that triger in halo reach? sadly u cant even do the PEW PEW PEW

thats why the options were selected by leaving your hand over the options and not by making hand gesture....

gfunkera102773d ago me understand. What is huge about the potential? You are very limited, when you have no controls. Look at any controller and you have more than 12 options in buttons to program instructions into.

MysticStrummer2773d ago

Exactly. How will such limited control translate to the type of games that dominate the console market... not counting the Wii folk of course. Just imagine the dances of death that happen in every round of every online shooter in the history of mankind... now tell me how that will translate. Menu navigation... Move can do that. Controlling an RTS... Move has already done that. Now imagine a 1st or 3rd person action adventure with large 3D environments which might require running, jumping, climbing, rolling, crawling, shooting, whatever... Move can do all that with great precision. Can Kinect? I may be wrong but I honestly don't see how. Add rumble to the equation... you get the picture. The point is, the Move can do Wii-like games, but it can also do everything else... kinda like the PS3... it only does everything.

nilamo2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

adventure games aren't really about precise fast paced control. They are about immersion, they are slow paced and interaction with npc's and puzzles are key. Kinect would be perfect for something like that, imagine having a conversation with a npc character where the dude looks you right in the eyes because of the tracking tech. Or trying to solve a puzzle by combining objects that goes deeper than simply dragging them on top of eachother. Just think of heavy rain and all the actions you had to do with your analog stick and convert them to actual body movement.

dizzleK2773d ago

think outside the box maaaan. to select an option you could bounce on one foot, to shoot you wiggle your "love gun", 2 nods and a wink starts the game, the possibilities are endless!

TheLig322773d ago

What the hell was this guy impressed. Even my mother thought it was a stupid device.

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