The Agency: E3 Progress Report

When writer Carolyn Koh attended this year's E3, one of the "must-see" games had to be The Agency from Sony Online Entertainment. A first in the genre, The Agency will put players into the world of super spies and mercenaries. Today, Carolyn files this report. *advertisement* "It's a spy adventure. You go into it for the action, the lust, the adventure, the intrigue, the romance! Think of James Bond. Espionage. The Bourne Identity," enthused Corey Dangel, Art Director for The Agency. The Agency by Sony Online Entertainment was announced just weeks earlier at their Gamer Day. Set in the modern age, it will be their AAA spy thriller MMOG. Players can approach the world of espionage in two different ways. Join U.N.I.T.E or ParaGON. I asked Corey what the attractions of each faction were.

"Well," he answered, "U.N.I.T.E. is the 'official' agency. They project a suave, sophisticated image. Think of the James Bond type. ParaGON, on the other hand, will evoke images of the freelance bounty hunter types." He continued telling me of the variances in gameplay between the two. The U.N.I.T.E. agent might use sophisticated methods of getting through to an old booby-trapped warehouse to gain an objective, such as obtaining the codes to the security system or disarming it somehow, sleeping the guards with gas; while the ParaGON agent might just storm the gates with a truck and bazooka, tossing a few grenades along the way. Hmm... somewhat like Bruce Wayne in comparison to Frank Castle? I asked this question, comparing two famous comic book vigilantes. Corey admitted to not being familiar with Frank Castle (The Punisher), but told me that they were working on the creating the two agencies' recruitment videos which would be part of the game and show what the two groups are about.

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Dr Pepper4108d ago

This game is looking pretty cool and has A LOT of potential. I look forward to seeing how it ends up.

IPlayGames4108d ago

I like the features revealed so far.\

Not subject to one type of class a simple change of clothes and u can change from stealth to shoot 1st ask question later spy.

Then mission updates sent via cell phone.

This months GameInformer for more info.

[email protected]4108d ago

I'm so into this game. Agency will bring 2 me some spy tasty gameplay.