Arcade 360 Will Also Get Redesign

Gizmodo: The $199 Xbox Arcade will remain on shelves while the refreshed $299 Xbox 360 is released. But, we've received confirmation that the Arcade will be getting a makeover as well.

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dizzleK2898d ago

a transfer cable for $20!? didn't that used to be free, all you needed was a phone call to ms?

give me a redesigned arcade for $150 and you've got yourself a customer.

N4GAddict2898d ago

That will probably happen.

AAACE52898d ago

Most people will probably buy the cord and sell it to someone else. Also, you can also use a usb drive to transfer your stuff as well!

N4GAddict2898d ago

I'm guessing it will probably look like the Elite.

Hideo_Kojima2898d ago

yeah but probably white... just like a Wii when I think about it :P

Parapraxis2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

So I'm 2 for 3 now?

If it's 199$ I sure am.
Guess my 2 model prediction was right =D

Now just to hear this one is getting bundled with Kinect for 299$ and I'll be 3 for 3.

Pachter beware!

Al Bundy2898d ago

So they will sell new MS HDDs?

Raf1k12898d ago

Seems like it since it uses new proprietary drives.

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The story is too old to be commented.