Take Aim or Slash in Alien Syndrome

For starters, the game is no longer a simple action game, as Alien Syndrome introduces a variety of RPG elements including class specializations. Depending on the character style you select, the gameplay diverges, assuring you that you won't experience everything in the first run-through.
As a melee class, for example, much of your moves are executed by physically waving the controller. A lunge with a pole arm, for example, is done by thrusting the Wiimote forward. Swing the controller in circle and--you guessed it--your digital avatar does a 360-degree attack. When an alien abomination is on its death throes, you can plant a gratifying finishing move by thrusting both the Wiimote and nunchuck in a downward motion.

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ChickeyCantor4162d ago

Looks a bit like gauntlet legends on the n64...looks decent....

jigaman4162d ago

I can see where you got the Gauntlet reference. Reminds me of Loaded for the PS which was a very cool game. This game seems fun, I've been casually following it to see how it turns out. Of course if it sees its true potential I wll pick it up.