IGN: E3 2010: Driver 5 Preview

IGN writes: "I remember playing the original Driver and having a ball – I was an undercover cop named Tanner, I tore around city streets, and I never got out of my car. It was great. The subsequent Driver games? Not so great – they added the ability to run around, changed characters, and the gameplay suffered".

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zdudynot2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )


sinncross2958d ago

Tanner now has special powers while he is in a coma where he can take control of someone else?

wow.. this sounds kinda of stupid...

OooSheeet2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

This game is starting to suck already! No mention of a Film Director Mode and "psychic powers", give me a break!

I've waited years for this game just for the Film Director, and all I end up with is "teeth marks in my tip"!

chasegarcia2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

"Whoa, whoa, whoa – I know I said this whole game takes place in-car, so you might be wondering how you're able to get into other rides. See, one of Tanner's coma powers is "shifting," the ability to instantaneously leap into other rides."