ESPN on 360: A Match Made for Me

GrE writes, ""Among the lackluster announcements and demos for the bevy of Kinect games and other Microsoft first person shooters, came the news that ESPN is entering into a partnership with Xbox Live to deliver on-demand and streaming sports events to the 360 platform, which, to me, was the best news to come out this morning. Being one of the only reasons I hold onto a basic cable plan, ESPN being free to gold subscribers provides a reasonable incentive for me to show Comcast to the door...

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starven2809d ago

It would be awesome if this was out now so I could watch some World Cup on it.

bgrundman2809d ago

Too bad it will be a wait for a while.

bruddahmanmatt2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

As I said in another topic:

The ESPN partnership is so lame. First off, no NFL which is an automatic FAIL for most sports fans here in the US, and I'm not even a huge football fan. I am however a big Lakers fan but having access to ESPN on a gaming console doesn't mean much to NBA fans for one simple reason, MOST NBA GAMES ARE NOT BROADCAST ON ESPN. The majority of games are broadcast on local networks (KCAL9 for away games and FS West for home games here in LA). On top of that the games which are shown nationally on TNT and ESPN are still broadcast on the local networks. The same is true of many MLB games I'm sure. I'm not too sure about Soccer though. As far as NCAA basketball and football, I know that ESPN does broadcast a lot of college sports but still, many of the Final Four games will be moving to TNT next year anyway.

Honestly, if you wanna watch sports alongside your "virtual friends", all you need is a headset and a PS3, 360 or a PC with Skype, Ventrillo or any one of a million different chat programs. Open a chat room, connect to your friends via chat and then switch inputs to your Cable box. You can still talk/hear your friends via your headset and you can watch the game. La dee friggin da.

bgrundman2809d ago

This is so right... for a sports fan, it is a godsend.

roblef2809d ago

I don't see the point.

greedyraven2809d ago

The first system to give me NHL wins

bgrundman2809d ago

I bet will could be PS3... not 360

nygamer282809d ago

lol were do you get your facts from dumbass(hockey is included in the espn app for the 360)

keysy4202809d ago

sony is bringing that sh1t in 3d

nygamer282809d ago

yea and i really dont think you have a 3d tv....enjoy your standard

mirroredderorrim2809d ago

He might not, but I do. You can enjoy YOUR standard. 8)

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The story is too old to be commented.