GameSpot: NBA Jam Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "In the early '90s, it wasn't uncommon to see crowds of people in the local arcades, pumping quarters into fighting games (Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat) that were incredibly popular at the time. But there was one non-fighting game that always drew its fair share of crowds, and it was the original NBA Jam. This was a fast-paced and over-the-top take on the sport of professional basketball that was both fun and highly competitive. Throughout the years, NBA Jam made its way to home consoles and saw new iterations--some great and some not so great--before it faded into obscurity. Then, it was replaced by the likes of NBA Street and similar games that hoped to cash in on what made NBA Jam so popular. While some were quite good, few of these games managed to accomplish that lofty goal, leaving many with the hope that some day NBA Jam would return".

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I want this one...can't believe EA made a game I actually