Complete E3 2010 Microsoft Press Conference Synopsis

Missed the conference or just too lazy to watch it? Explicit Gamer has a full synopsis here for you to enjoy!

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Valay2932d ago

Was only a decent show I think...

dktxx22932d ago

it wasn't even close to decent. that was a train wreck.

FURY__UNLEASHED2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Nothing new or unexpected, and absolutely nothing that made you go "Wow!"

Well, actually, I did say "wow" when they did that stupid tiger demo, but only because it was so lame.

Hell, they didn't even steal any Sony exclusives! That's when you know it ws a bad show, when M$ doesn't even give their favorite type of announcement

Xbox 360 "slim" announcement may have been bigger if they weren't just doing exactly what Sony did almost a year ago.

D4RkNIKON2932d ago

I loved when they showed the River raft game and the two women were trying to look like they were having the most fun ever. They were screaming "woohoo, yay, that was awesome"

- Ghost of Sparta -2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

This sad image sums up the entire press conference without the use for unnecessary words.


I stand and applaud you, good sir.

And I frown at the poor gentelman who was forced into macking a fool of himself at the biggest game convention/conference.

blu_yu_away2932d ago

It started off good enough with COD, Gears, Halo, etc but when it switched to Kinect I lost all interest. I was streaming the conference instead of working and actually got so bored I went back to working.

Codeman4202932d ago

did the exact same thing man. lost entire interest when Natal started up.

Tomdc2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I thought some of the kinect stuff looked decent and i dont think that stuff was BAD it wasn't to innovating and exciting. I liked the look of the fitness game a lot as I felt wii fit was pretty naff and this looks promising. Trouble is they spent way to much time on it and no new "proper" games, save that Crytec one!? Where are their new AAA exclusives?

My favourite thing (I'm dead jelous of being a PS3 owner) is the ESPN deal and being able to share movies over msn with your friends. The movie sharing thing was something promised within home that never came to fruition. I don't really have the bandwidth to support those features well but I probably will when i leave home soon and it does make the xbox live membership a lot more worth it. Dunno what they are doing for European users though, do we get access to ESPN stuff as well as they do have a ESPN channel in Britain now.

I'd give the conferance a 5/10

roll on Sony show 'em how its done.. SAVE E3!

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cb8102932d ago

That was helpful. Thanks EG!

halocursed2932d ago


- Ghost of Sparta -2932d ago

Sub-HD resolution for an exclusive high budget game, HELL YEAH!

ChronoJoe2932d ago

RAWR, go standard definition!

Don't matter, less 360 gamers are on HDTVs, so why make HD games. Most casuals prob can't tell the difference anyway.


Bu, bu, bu, but you can jump 20 feet!!!

i can't believe Bungie said that would "blow us away!" LOL!

Hades13372932d ago

An objective synopsis of the press conference at last.

Personally, it had its highs and lows. Despite the fact that Kinect is clearly aimed at the casual gamer, they effectively managed to demonstrate just how clever and precise the hardware is. However, the lack of new core game announcements (only that Kingdoms game if I remember correctly) was a major disappointment, especially considering the conveyor belt of announcements at last year's conference.

dlp212932d ago

Completely underwhelming. I knew that the Kinect was going to be aimed at the casual but at least when the Wii(THE casual console) debuted I still wanted one, because it was new and innovative.

So from top to bottom let's break it down:
Exclusive deal w/Activision for DL content on 360 first (no biggie)
Sequel...Sequel....Sequel.... Kojima on stage for 2 minutes
Kinect....ESPN deal...original thoughts...thats awesome...realize that everything you see there you can get online....less awesome...but still awesome
boring...boring...underwhelmi game is kinda cool...more boring
new 360
end of show.

Yep ESPN was the best thing that they showed. They could of made an app market instead of giving you a choice of facebook/ etc. I want a skype client, pandora, twitter...etc etc.

I'm so looking forward to Nintendo's conference.

GUCommander2932d ago

ty :0 I tried to be as objective as possible while still giving details and a bit of my opinions.

TheCagyDies2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Personally, I am disappointed with Microsoft's E3. 2009 was way much better. I was hoping for more surprises but this conference was mainly for the casual audience. Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Halo: Reach, 360 slim, Gears 3, and Fable 3 were amazing but not enough. And to be fair, I am thinking Sony is going to disappoint me the same way just like Microsoft cause they have been showing off a lot of their games before their show and I am expecting a huge concentration on the casual market with MOVE. KZ3, Infamous 2, LBP2, Resistance 3, and Socom 4 do not entice me at all. But if they can pull an Uncharted 3 and Yakuza 4 in English and an impressive showing of Resident Evil PSP, then I might give a thumbs up for them. I guess my last hope is Nintendo if they show off Pikmin 3 and Zelda for the first time ever and if they both look good. Goddamn man, the flipping casual market, I don't like it. So C for Microsoft, expecting C for Sony, expecting B for Nintendo.

Edit: Too many devs making announcements before E3...

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