EA Active 2 Announced, PSEye and Kinect Both Utilized

It looks like the PlayStation 3’s PSEye (released nearly 2 years ago) is matching the Xbox 360’s Kinect pound for pound, blow for blow, and it’ll all start with EA Active 2.

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saint_john_paul_ii2902d ago

well, that makes kinect even worse to buy if it showed the eye doing the same thing...

UnwanteDreamz2902d ago

I guess all the defenders saying they were not anywhere near being the same thing were wrong?

siyrobbo2902d ago

the ps3 version used sensors on the floor like the wii version, not the pseye

siyrobbo2902d ago

you can disagree all you want, watch the video again and listen to what the man says, you can also clearly see the sensors behind them

DaThreats2902d ago

EyeToy been having Motion Sensing for years
MS starts the future my ass

ThanatosDMC2902d ago

And it'll cost 3-4 times as much.

vhero2902d ago

Indeed the PS3 version does not need MOVE.

jack_burt0n2902d ago

dont know why sony messed this up, their version looked like shit they should wake up and realise alot of wives are going to want this bad when husbands buy ps3's why not use move!? crazy wasted opportunity.

MysticStrummer2902d ago

Wow... Kinect... the future was then...?

Baliw2902d ago

Eye toy comes from the past and do the same.

ps3gamerkyle2902d ago

Meh....One more "Meh" title.

razorc032902d ago

i want to see hardcore stuff now. enough with the fluff

Bellcross2902d ago

Wait until Nintendo and Sony conferences tomorrow you'll get the hardcore stuff then and there.

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The story is too old to be commented.