Microsoft no longer making current Xbox 360 console

Microsoft has confirmed during its post- press conference / mass console giveaway "media roundtable" that it is no longer manufacturing the original Xbox 360 hardware in any form. A Microsoft representative has told Joystiq that the now-outdated machine will continue to be sold until stock runs out, but, after that, slim is totally in.

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DaThreats2904d ago

So..only one price?
oh oh, if the PS3 reduces its price, the PS3 is now cheaper than the 360.

N4GAddict2904d ago

The arcade is getting a redesign too.

Hideo_Kojima2904d ago

It will probably be $199 and $299

SaberEdge2904d ago

Great! I love the new 360.

Dance2904d ago

who said they could afford another price drop

Anarki2904d ago

Do you think Sony could afford the price drop the last time they did it?

They actually make profit from each console sold now, which is evident enough they can afford a price drop. Everyone knows they don't make money from consoles sold, but software sales.

Hideo_Kojima2904d ago

$250 would give the PS3 Slim an ever bigger boost than the last price drop gave it.

playstation_clan2904d ago

might be a failure rate on that. Im waiting people, on the meantime i will be on the console that i had since launch day

Dave13512904d ago

yea and wtf they call that slim! it basically looks the same

qface642904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

so then not that much has changed then?
the arcade is technically still 199 and this one is 299
i mean those price drops aren't really price drops if they are just there until the old consoles are gone

EDIT: since the article says they are no longer making current models ON ANY LEVEL (not how that is capitalized)
does that also apply to 360 accessories? like the hard drive?

NY_State2904d ago

Outdated hardware. If you they weren't, if MS hardware was anywhere near the PS3 then their games would reflect it, but they don't. Cosmetic changes do not warrant this level of media attention. Nothing to see here move along, move along.

blumatt2904d ago

The damn thing STILL has a proprietary hard drive and STILL has a damn external power supply. Also, I've heard for older xbox's to work with the Kinect, they've got to get a special dongle and ANOTHER power supply for the damn Kinect. Well, I guess they at least put Wifi in. lol

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niceguywii602904d ago

Bargain Shopping single mothers, low income families, gamers buying more than one 360 for other rooms and Lan parties will be snatching the older skus up.

$150? the 360 will start selling like PS2 did.

N4GAddict2904d ago

Microsoft should sell a lot of 360s @ $150

dizzleK2904d ago

i didn't know gaming was high on a list of low income families priorities. shouldn't food, clothing, shelter and medical care come first?

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vhero2904d ago

Without the arcade after a short boost I can see the 360 struggling for sales in the future. The arcade gives a mass bulk of sales pirates especially like them when they get banned.

hamoor2904d ago

99% of n4g members don't read the whole article.....FACT

N4GAddict2904d ago

I guess they finally solved the hardware problems

hamoor2904d ago

I really hope its true
My console have this open tray problem....AND THAT IS NOT THE FIRST TIME I'VE GOT THIS PROBLEM!!!!

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