Majesco hinting at new platform?

Majesco has revealed part of its FY2010 line-up. Among the titles, one titles (Zumba Fitness) mentions "another to be announced system".

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dizzleK2834d ago

probably iphone or something.

Kain812834d ago

an unannounced Platform the iphone is already out
i think its the PSP2 or the 3ds

Anarki2834d ago

3DS is already announced..

N4GAddict2834d ago

3DS is the likely choice

dlp212834d ago

This game is going to be for kinetic for the xBox 360. If you look at the graphic after the demo at the MS press conference today I believe it is the top left game as you are looking at it.

Qui-Gon Jim2834d ago

It was one of the 15 games on the graphic that Microsoft had for the Kinect launch games. Notice it lists it for "Wii, Playstation Move, and another to be announced system", not mentioning 360.

getonmylev3l2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

It's Kinetic I bet. If you read the article then you would see that the game "Zumba Fitness is coming out for the Wii,Playstation Move and an unannounced system". My guess is Kinetic. (going with the motion sensing theme) And IMO the reason why they didnt say natal or kinetic is probably because they knew it was going to be Kinetic but MS didnt want them to spoil it.

Somnipotent2834d ago

it's for the NGAGE 2!!!

bah hah hah hah hah, i'm stupid.

nygamer282834d ago

i disagee with your comment but agree that your stupid

baodeus2834d ago

might be for kinetic, but c'mon, i want prequal or sequal to phantom dust (original xbox). Best game i ever played (i'm still playing it on the x360).

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