How to Get Early Access to the Medal of Honor Beta

The first thing that Gunclub will provide is early access to the Medal of Honor beta. Battlefield VIPs who pre-order Medal of Honor will be able to play the beta this Thursday.

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RonXD2779d ago

Fix the lag on Bad Company 2 before you start worrying about another game EA.

BattleAxe2779d ago

MoH looks like its BF:BC 2.5. Almost the exact same game, so I'm not expecting much. I'm sure the weapon balancing will be way off just like in BC 1+2.

Fishy Fingers2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

"will be able to play the beta this Thursday"

I'm reading that right? Thursday? This one?

Jeff2572779d ago

Well would be nice if I could access the freaking Gunclub site but havent been able to connect yet.

xX-PEIN-Xx2779d ago

me either, I'm guessing it crashed from all the traffic since it was announced

Jeff2572779d ago

Yeah that would be my guess as well. Ill keep trying and hope to get in soon. Got a bunch of clan mates who play BFBC 2 as well so Id love to give them some good news and see about getting into some games with them in this beta.

Fishy Fingers2779d ago

I just pre-order online, get the code, cancel order. Free code :)

Usually end up buying anyway.

Sheikah2779d ago

yeah the site was up - then died horribly shortly after

Dellis2779d ago

Game was crap

Black Ops>>>>>

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