PDP Launching Headset for Wii

Nintendo Okie reports, "As of right now the only way to talk to friends over WiiConnect 24 is through the Wii Speak microphone. It’s a decent system that used a microphone placed near your TV to communicate and all sound still comes through the TV. That could make it hard to hear what your friends are saying or make it so that everyone in the house could hear people cussing their friends.

PDP is launching a new microphone/headset for Wii that will be available for use with select titles. One of the first titles to use the new headset will be High Voltage Software’s Conduit 2."

Details at link.

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RedPawn2897d ago

Agreed, I needed this for World Competition in Mario Kart

TheColbertinator2897d ago

Finally! Those speaker thingies were stupid as hell

EvilTwin2897d ago

Better late than never.

Guys (you know who you are), I'll definitely talk to you soon.

tunaks12897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

whats ironic though is that MS is moving away from the headset with natal.

AEtherbane2897d ago

The device debuts with conduit 2

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