Gamasutra: E3 Analysis: Microsoft's Predictable (But High Quality) Press Conference

Microsoft's E3 press conference had two purposes: to show dominance in the very narrow category of violence-driven male-targeted enthusiast action titles, and to launch Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal, in a stab at the wide market for its newly redesigned Xbox 360.

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Anon19742869d ago

Gamasutra apparently had low expectations. I was expect more than 6 Kinect titles, a handful of previously announced titles and a slightly better 360 that still is playing catch up with the PS3, and still can't match it's features despite being similarly priced. And they never even bothered to announce Kinects price, although I'm sure they would have been afraid of being boo'd off the stage if Gamestop is correct and it is indeed going to run you $150.

Microsoft needed to step up if they wanted to stop their hemorrhaging console sales and declining game revenue. They didn't.

N4GAddict2869d ago

Kinect will have a hard time selling @ $150.

Hideo_Kojima2869d ago

But MS said it will be priced like a console...

so the price will drop unlike normal controllers.

Am not touching that thing at $150 though.

MNicholas2869d ago

As I've always said, the 360's success is restricted to the "very narrow category of violence-driven male-targeted enthusiast action titles."

boodybandit2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

E3 Analysis: Microsoft's Predictable Press Conference
I would have agreed.

wages of sin2869d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Microsoft may not have done what the "hardcore" or the fanboys wanted them to do but I believe they succeeded. Besides, people who weren't going to buy one weren't. You're the "hardcore" that are set in your trenches. Gaming isn't just for us guys, it needs to branch out. That doesn't mean the death of the "hardcore". If hardcore means complain, hate and trash talk on N4G then no wonder people look down on gaming. Some of you are sad.

For me, they needed to prove what Kinect can do; I needed to see where the potential is and for me, they did just that. I can see where they are going with this. This is going to be the bridge into the casual marktet/multimedia ease of use that they've been trying to reach. Not only that, but the possibilities for the core audience are endless given time and effort. The same type of complaints were made about the Wii and the DS and even the PS3.

Another thing that I'm noticing that I really like and find way more impressive are the efforts of companies like EA and it's partners program. Allowing developers to keep their intellectual properties and maintain creative freedom. That's the way it is and should be going. This whole idea that 1st party is best isn't always the case, especially when a product can reach a wider audience and the devs keep their ip's and get ther credit they deserve.

Some of my favorite things seen so far would be:
Reach, Gears3 Medal of Honor, Battlefield: Vietnam, That dancing game on Kinect along with the Kinect Adventures (my kid liked the Kinectimals, Dead Space...the list goes on. I'm not a sports guy but having ESPN on XBL added to gold is huge as well. That's a lot of content.

Way to go MS and EA. Ubi is up next and of course we have Sony and Nintendo in the morn. Great time to be a gamer!

Redgehammer2869d ago

well said
I was not underwhelmed nor overwhelmed by MS's press briefing. I like kinect and the possibilities that it may afford, even though I know its not for me personally, (unless they have a way for Kinect to map a wheel chair) but I am excited to watch my kids play.

Marceles2869d ago

honestly by the title I thought they had the conference posted in HD or something. Other than the new 360 announcement and ESPN for the 360 nothing really made me all that excited

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saint_john_paul_ii2869d ago

you guys must of been high when watching this conference, huh?

PimpHandHappy2869d ago

a nice new "slim" 360 will make you like the show

JackBNimble2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

@Pope John Paul

No , they were not high, they recieved an Xbox 360 slim just for being there.

edit: @pimp.... haha, I didn't read the replys before jumping in.

Lekumkee2869d ago Show
Abriael2869d ago

I seriously agree. I doubt anyone in his right mind could really write that anyone will have an "hard time" topping the extremely boring conference Microsoft shown.

So either drunk or bought off. You guys chose.

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raztad2869d ago

EA conference >> MS conference IMO. Low expectations + free xbox = Amazing conference. LOL.

Milkman5412869d ago

High Quality? I mean I got nothing against MS or a 360 but it's just easy to see that this conference honestly sucked.

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