Dead Space 2 Info + Press Release

Xbox Evolved:

"EA has announced that Dead Space 2 will be making its way to store shelves and available for purchase on January 25th 2011. January is usually a pretty dull month for game releases, but even with a backlog of games from Christmas, Dead Space 2 will likely be a day one purchase for many."

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D3adcell2925d ago

I can't wait for this game. I loved the first one.

Blaze9292925d ago

can't wait. looks great

AridSpider2925d ago

ill admit, this DS1 scared the shit out of me

ProA0072925d ago

I would love to play this game with MOVE

JasonXE2925d ago

that's actually be cool. that and the Vitality Sensor are perfect

AridSpider2925d ago

ahhhh the vitality sensor. detects a shift in pulse on how scared you get. thatd be cool