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necksnappa2660d ago


R2D22660d ago

Big dead space fan here - I love the look and feel of the new one.

The only thing I noticed that it looked kinda of easy with all the weapons and ammo - hopefully that person that was playing had a cheat on for infinite ammo and all weapons. The thing I loved about the 1st DS was that ammo was scarce and you had to use a certain weapon to defeat each enemy.

The elevator is still a little too long but not as bad as Mass Effect.

Day one for me, hopefully this does not turn out to be another Bioshock 2.

GUCommander2660d ago

This is going to be AMAZING. Can't wait. Me and my dad loved the first dead space. He also liked the wii so much.

mittwaffen2660d ago

10 Bucks that that is exactly where they got inspired for that enemy.

GameOn2659d ago

These are more like toddlers, babies were in the first though.

Fishy Fingers2660d ago

Bah for quality. I'll wait till later.

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The story is too old to be commented.