More Dead Space 2 gameplay during Sony’s E3 keynote

PSUNI: Not only did EA show off Criterion’s Need for Speed game on the PlayStation 3 (expect the game’s development to be led on PS3 just like Burnout Paradise) EA name-dropped Sony at the end of an impressive debut for Dead Space 2.

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dizzleK2932d ago

that alone beats ms' conference.

captain-obvious2932d ago

EA is showing sony some love
i hope we see ME coming to the PS3

HQLocated1112932d ago

lol I was impressed with Dead Space 2, not so much with medal of honor, it looks almost exactly like battlefield bad company, very disappointed

kratos1232932d ago

now im 90% sure they will use move fore dead space 2 mark my words guys

sinncross2932d ago

seems like some ea/ sony partnership going on.
I mean, EA is demoing their titles on PS3's... 24 player multiplyer of MOH was all ps3... wnice

InfectedDK2932d ago

No they just dont want an RROD during a REAL live demo!

deadreckoning6662932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

EA just took the throne from COD...AND Activision. The GunClub thg is excellent. I just got in the MOH beta(very excited) and all I had ta go was buy BC2 Day 1 =D

"I think Dead Space is good, but not enough."

True..but if they add Move support..which I think they will, then it'll be worth it.

"Loved the crowd's reaction when they said it was to end at the PS3 conference: "OHHHHHHHH" "

Dude, I think the guy who did that was HHG lmao. Its sounded like his voice haha.

ThanatosDMC2932d ago

It doesnt matter if it has Move support. I'm fine playing Dead Space with a DS3 controller. However, if they somehow implement Isaac's arm movements with the Move and i'm able to punch Necromorphs away, it'll be great, BUT i dont want to hold my arm stretch forward all the time like in those Socom vids since it'll be tiring.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I think Dead Space is good, but not enough.

Sony have more and bigger titles than Dead Space to show, just with 5 Titles from the 35 Exclusives I know so far:

The Last Guardian, GT5, Killzone 3, LBP 2, Agent if Rockstar give permission to Sony to show something, because Rockstar said they will not be at E3.



Good Idea, that would be solid and fun.

LordMarius2932d ago


Maybe Dead Space using Move?
That will be big

El_Colombiano2932d ago

Move + 3D = Best Horror ever.

ThanatosDMC2932d ago

As long as i dont have to aim and stretch out my arms during the whole experience, im ok with Move implementation on shooters.

I didnt like what i saw with Socom 4 with the guy's arm stretched out to aim. Dont you think it'll be tiring? I play at least 3-4 hours a day.

Obama2932d ago

It's funny because it's true.

ATLGAMER2932d ago

ms was a joke this year

OneSneakyMofo2932d ago

Loved the crowd's reaction when they said it was to end at the PS3 conference: "OHHHHHHHH"

nilamo2932d ago

Yes if you ignore halo reach and gear 3

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Nitrowolf22932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

EA now leading on PS3 for there titles is huge
idk but it seems like Sony is doing what MS did by making it seem like the game is exclusive on that console (FF13 360 at the end)

thats awesome PS3 is seeing some good love from 3rd party devs

techie2932d ago

Not really EA - it's just Criterion (they always have) and Visceral (they did with Dante's Inferno)

MajestieBeast2932d ago

Deadspace 2 with move remember you heard it hear first.

BlazeXXL2932d ago

Dead Space 2 gameplay looked AMAZING! Argh can't wait till tomorrow.. Sony's conference is going to rape lol. It's gonna be huge.

BigMassacre2932d ago


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