EA's Gun Club Announced - Weapon unlocks, beta access and more

EA just announced Gun Club, a membership service which provides exclusive rewards spread across a number of EA titles. Sign up available June 17th.

NOTE: Site may take a while to load, the Gun Club site is experiencing an extremely high volume of traffic.

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deadreckoning6662682d ago

I'm a BC2 V.I.P, so do I have to sign up? Oh man, this sooo exciting! EAs killing it right now!

Jeff2572682d ago

Everyone is trying to access this at once and really bogging down the servers. Everyone wants a chance at the MOH beta.

talltony2681d ago

that you have to preorder it to get in. On amazon you have to. but can you get in for free?

jdktech20102681d ago

when i try to login with my EA account, the site says it's offline....hope I acn get in by just having BC2 otherwise no MOH for me...seems way too similar to BC2

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