Medal of Honor Beta Given Release Date

EA has announced the release date for the Medal of Honor Beta. The reboot to the famous first person franchise will be coming to PS3, PC and 360 later in the year.

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HQLocated1112925d ago

Disappointing, its BC2 with different weapons

DiLeCtioN2925d ago

have you got a time machine?

hakeem09962925d ago

medal of honor multiplayer is mw2 with BFBC2 SKIN .im curious about it and call of duty's demo was boring .see you guys in the beta

matt19912925d ago

The only question is how do you get in it.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2925d ago

Hopefully they'll have an open Beta like the one BFBC2 got just before launch.

Fishy Fingers2925d ago

Be nice if owning BC2 scored you a key.

Sheikah2925d ago

according to the woman, that is the case.

DORMIN2925d ago

I think they said people who bought BFBC2 day one (VIPs) automatically get a beta code.