Medal of Honor Info Overhaul, Online Play Detailed

EA has come with their full arsenal today, and that includes their newly revamped Medal of Honor title. Well, we’ve got all the goodies from today’s event right here for you!

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mittwaffen2871d ago

They literally copied EVERYTHING, hud, ui, X hit marker, all the crap that pops up on screen when you get a HS or unlock...


-Alpha2871d ago

Hopefully it will be better. Don't care if they copied it, I like the COD style, but don't like MW2 as much as I did COD4. Hopefully this is something to feed my COD4 itch. The beta has to really impress me, I'm so tired of the Fitness games and Shooters I'm seeing.

BattleAxe2871d ago

Actually if you watched the gameplay footage its exactly the same as BF:BC2. It uses the Frostbite engine. Its probably going to come with only 4 game modes out of the box just like BC2 did.

tweakedhuman2871d ago

looks way better then call of duty...considering cod is for console noobs with no skill

mittwaffen2871d ago

Noobtubes, holographic, everything. But the zoom, knife doesnt feel as polished as COD.

This game is targeted at those 'cod noobs' you speak of.

WaR_HaWk2871d ago

COD didnt invent any of that stuff.

mittwaffen2871d ago

No? Well the mechanics are identical, and just saying they have the exact same load outs.

Nice touch just after MW2 broke records, sure they didnt try to take some of that thunder right?

DirtyLary2871d ago

Slower knife is balanced, none of the stupid COD laser swiping.

razorc032871d ago

looks like an expansion pack to COD5

NJShadow2871d ago

This is looking pretty awesome.

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