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SOAD2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Halo Reach
Gears of War 3

Those were awesome.



Agreed. I said a couple of weeks ago that all Microsoft had to do to impress me at E3 was announce that they had acquired at least five studios and that they were hard at work.

I was pleased with their usual Halo/Gears showings but I am frustrated at their reluctance to build up first party studios.

But hot damn, did you see the Reach gameplay? My expectations were high and I was impressed by the visuals.

-Alpha2959d ago


-New 360 design
-Gears and Halo look good, Fable 3 does too I guess


-More exclusive DLC
-No new IPs


-Kinect, at least for me

chaosatom2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

It was all ugly. They didn't even put up a fight. 360's days are near if they are going the casual route.

What happened to all "WAIT TILL E3, MS WILL SHOW YOU"??

SOAD2959d ago

They showed the shooter crowd what they wanted. Now MS wants to draw in the casual crowd. If you think that 360s days are numbered because they're trying to appeal to a new audience, then you're naive. If things work out for MS, they will draw in a major audience while still retaining their current gamers.

So far, they've showed off mostly shooter games. According to PS3 fanboys, that's all the 360 fans want, so why is 360 doomed again?

oldjadedgamer2959d ago

In a way, the 360's days of being a contender in the hardcore market are over, just has they are trying to become a contender in the casual market.

We are still going to see all the multiplat games coming to the 360, but based off of this e3, all of MS time and energy (+money) are going to be developing for the Kinect.

A failure for hardcore gamers? Yes
A failure for everyone else? Time will tell

Odin7772959d ago

Well Microsoft may become godly to the casual crowd, but for me they are nearing death...I really don't like the direction the Xbox seems to be heading. I was really hoping to see some new IPs or at least some sequels, but the Kinect thing seems to be Microsoft's main focus now.

AKS2959d ago

You know you want your chance to tickle Skittles the baby tiger! Don't deny it!

AAACE52959d ago

People keep saying no new IP's. But technically all of the Kinect games are new. They didn't just slap them together. They had to be created.

Then, they redesigned the console and added features. And some overlook it but having the ESPN deal is a good thing.

They spent a lot of time getting all of this stuff together. Yeah we were hoping to hear of some new stuff for us hardcore gamers, but now that the Kinect launch is out of the way, hopefully we should see some games for us!

I liked the redesign, the ESPN deal and even the Your fitness whatever game (yes us gamers need some exercise). But some of the Kinect games didn't look that fun. It is just starting out, so I am expecting about the same experience as that of the Wii.

Lol... If you look around, it is getting as much hate as the Wii did as well...LOL!

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Smokeyy902959d ago

Well after Gears of War 3 was shown it started going downhill.

silkrevolver2959d ago

Besides Kinect games.... there were NO new reveals (besides the Crytek teaser thing.) No surprises, no excitement, no good.

gfunkera102959d ago

MGS: Rising was great, Black Ops looked good.....and the demo was pretty badass. ESPN integration was awesome, and everything else was meh.

Detroitnews2959d ago

Now I want to eat some watermelon...

Smokeyy902959d ago

MmMmMmMmMmMm watermelon.

dc12959d ago

On topic -

I needed.. wanted MS to do better than that.
Congrads on Rising... sorry about Natal

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