Cynamite: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit hands-on preview "We had the chance to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit already"

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user8586212812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

Its being developed by criterion so ill buy 1st day :)

ethan2812d ago

Same here! Can't wait to get my hands on this game!!

poindat2812d ago

Criterion is officially one of the most epic developing studios in existence. I can't think of many others who have jumped in and saved a franchise from the throes of death purely because they loved the series. There may be less money to be made in catering to the core gaming audience rather than the casuals that the previous few NFS games have been directed to, but I'm so glad that that one factor hasn't once again clouded EA's judgment.

Like everyone else is saying, Criterion + classic NFS = pure win

Resistance2812d ago

if its done by criterion its going to be a must have in my opinion :D

xplosneer2812d ago

YAY. Can't wait for this.

morkendo2812d ago

criterion put a lot of time an energy in this game.
the road look almost real so do the cars.

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