Need for Speed Hot Pursuit trailer

Trailer of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit from E3.

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-Mezzo-2958d ago

Cool, hope it doesn't suck.

MajestieBeast2958d ago

Criterion just doesnt do suck.

Bellcross2958d ago

It will, oh it will.....sigh

gamelova2958d ago

I don't think Criterion can fail in the arcade racing genre. They are the kings.

poindat2958d ago

The trailer even resembles the classic NFS intros that I used to love so much. It's amazing what kind of magic can happen when a developer who truly loves and cares about the franchise and its fans gets on board.

<3 Criterion

beavis4play2958d ago

i was thinking the same thing about the trailer......just watching it takes be back to the classic N4S games. hopefully, they'll incorporate all of the shortcuts they used to include on the tracks.
this made my day.......i hadn't heard about this being in production; and, i'm stoked!

Shani2958d ago

Totally agree poindat..
I also loved those street racing game with cops.
I am so excited to see NFS back to it's original form.
Hope this game will rock...

tinybigman2958d ago

the old nfs is back baby yay

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GUCommander2958d ago

Looks amazing. Been looking for a good Need for Speed for a while now.

R6ex2958d ago

Had better be realistic ... like Forza, or at least Shift.

poindat2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

At least do some research into the franchise before you decide to comment. NFS has been and will be (except for Shift, but that isn't a *true* NFS game) an arcade racer.

beavis4play2958d ago

the insanely fast-paced "pick-up-and-race" style of the old N4S:hot pursuit2" is what made the series great!
and FINALLY - they're getting back to that style!!!

forza and GT are fun - but give me the arcade style of the old N4S games......i can't wait for this!

R6ex2958d ago

Played Most Wanted, Undercover & Shift.

Story - MW is the best.
Sexy lead - Undercover.
Gameplay - MW.
Driving physics - Shift for sure (but Forza's better).

poindat2958d ago

...No, trust me, you HAVEN'T played a proper Need for Speed game. Check out the series pre-Underground, because all of the games you mentioned are Need for Speed in name only, and nothing else.

beavis4play2958d ago

N4S: hot pursuit1/2.

if i had to pick one,i'd be #2, but both are kick-ass arcade fun!

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tinybigman2958d ago

get out of here with that mess this is classic arcade play brought back to its roots.

R6ex2958d ago

only started gaming on the Xbox 360 in 2007.

tinybigman2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

do yourself a favor and try and get ps2 or any emulation and play the older NFS's you won't be disappointed. trust me

5 bubbles nice

poindat2958d ago

Yeah, if you've only been gaming since 2007 on a 360 then you'd be doing yourself a HUGE favor by getting a PS2. You've got a lot of catching up to do, bud.

Seferoth752958d ago

Do the games a favor and don't play them now.

While they were great games for their time, you starting on a 360 may make them seem even more dated.

Great games don't always look so great a few years down the road

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huga_muga2958d ago

Forza 3 is also an arcade racing game...

anyways its made by this NFS is made by Criterion so it gonna be great.

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BryanBegins2958d ago

I'm actually disappointed, I would much rather have Burnout Paradise 2. But I'll wait and see.

cpuchess2958d ago

I like what it said at the end, "Race OR Chase". I have been looking for a good race game where you can play as the police.

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