Digital Foundry: New Xbox 360: The Tech Breakdown

At the company's E3 media briefing earlier today, details on the new console were finally unveiled: a somewhat Marmite-looking device in glossy black with "chrome accents", featuring a bump in hard drive capacity from the Elite standard 120GB up to the more spacious Super Elite 250GB. Also included is in-built Wi-Fi functionality, at the fastest 300mbps "N" standard to boot.

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archemides5182773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

but is it hdmi 1.4, or even 1.3??????????? i mean seriously what else do u need to know, it's the same 360

1.4 or even 1.3 means potential for 3d in the future


M$ doesn't seem to be big on 3D.

Interesting new specs. Lokks like they copied the PS3 in a lot of ways; built-in wi-fi, 250g HDD, touch-sensitive buttons, shiny black with chrome accents, got rid of memeory card ports, etc.

MorganX2773d ago

Built in Wireless-N is big. Especially since no N adapter is available for PS3. However, without Blu-Ray disc, PS3 is still the better value.

Of course, MS is betting Digital Downloads at Wireless-N speed (150Mbs - 300Mbs) will trump Blu-ray. They may be right as for movies, but it's the games. Compromising games to fit on DVD9 is still a major problem for MS this generation.

El_Colombiano2773d ago

Just to say, there is a Wireless N adapter for PS3.

MorganX2773d ago

Can you point me to it?

xer02773d ago

... Also, Wi-Fi isn't reliable enough for prolonged HD streaming.

vdesai2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

The speed of wireless does not really matter right now. Until we have connections available to the consumer at those speeds. This is very unlikely. Although, I agree wireless N is great. It makes me happy.

Now with wireless N it is. If you have a N router then you should be able to rely on the wireless to be as good as being connected by Ethernet. Though that would depend on the environment is being used it, which still gives cables the advantage.

MorganX2773d ago

that's 150-300 megabit, not megabyte. You will see more than double the throughput of wireless-G.

That's 18.75 megabytes to 37.5 megabytes with N as opposed to max 6.75 megabyes/sec with G.

vdesai2772d ago

My statement still stands, because you will have trouble finding a connection that is faster than G. It will be expensive and not widely available, because it will be fiber. The only benefit you will have is in your LAN you would be able to have better streaming, possibly streaming anything on your PC that is in HD to your console. Your comment didn't change anything. My connection is the fastest available in my area (at consumer level) and I get 2MBps.

MorganX2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Dude, cable is already 10MBs - 20MBs. Additionally, you never get 100% throughput. 65-80%. That's why G has so much trouble streaming true HD w/audio. N, no problem.

If your cable or DSL is only 2MBs, then I can see why you can't tell the difference.

vdesai2772d ago

Excuse me I think it is you who is confused about what the difference between megabits and megabytes is. The highest tier offered by the cable company in my area is 50 (With DOCSIS 3) Mbps which is 6.25MBps which is not even the max throughput rate of G. Yes range does affect how much bandwidth you truly have, but 65-80% is a stretch. I would say 80-90%. Oh yea it costs over a hundred dollars a month for that speed. Not including cable or any other services I doubt the average consumer spends that much on internet.

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ilovecake2773d ago

I should of waited!!! This one has an optical output built in & bigger memory...oh well. =(

ReBurn2773d ago

Built-in wireless is good. External power brick not so much. I'm curious as to whether you still have to buy proprietary Microsoft HDD's. It looks a lot like you'll have to.

despair2773d ago

yup they say its not even compatible with the old proprietary HDDs. So no plugging in a Terabyte laptop HDD.

Solo2272773d ago

If this is really gonna boast sales...

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