The Jekyll And Hyde Of The Xbox 360

Microsoft splits its own market, but to what success?

Schizophrenic. That’s the first word that came to mind after watching Microsoft’s bizarre E3 conference. Ignoring the poncho-clad Natal Experience for a minute, the conference proper confused and befuddled before pulling the ultimate sleight of hand; chucking free Xbox 360 Slims at the audience.

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Anon19742899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

This article nailed it. It's not so much Kinect itself, it's what it's up against. Like the article pointed out, this is an add-on, and an expensive one at that. With no hardcore support it's just an extra expense to the core 360 owners who have no reason to purchase Kinect while they could be playing Gear and Halo. Casual gamers are being asked to shell out extra cash on top of the price of the console to play essentially the same type of games they can get from the slimmer, more family friendly Wii. And then there's the appeal of everything Mario to the casual gaming/family orientated market.

And let's not forget that a 360 and Kinect bundle is going to cost you at least $299. What other console/fully featured Blu-Ray player do we know in that price range?

The odds are stacked against Kinect. Had it come out 3 years ago it might have had a shot, but now, up against this competition, there's no way it'll take off. Time might prove me wrong, but I just don't see it happening.

GreenRingsOfLife2899d ago

360 WILL indeed deliver now with the new SLIMMER version!

Inside_out2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Kinect is for the casual gaming many times do we have to say it...I got to work and a co-worker, who owns a PS3, asked ME if I saw the new M$ camera thing...He was freaked to the 360...waving instructions...360 automatically recognizes your face and profile...he was impressed ans scared at the same time...

Every kid will want to play with Kinectanimals...anybody with children knows that...Ubisoft hit a home run with the yoga/exercise thing...That MTV dancing game...They are just getting started...Kinect releases in November, lots of time...M$ tried to show how versatile the 360 is...I think they did that...I

I have some questions about Fable and Milo...What happen to Lionhead?...Peter Molyneux usually won't shut up...I think the new direction at M$ doesn't include Lionhead...hmmm...Where was Crackdown...Kinect took up all the time... don't have a 360...don't worry about it...Nobody knows how much the thing costs...Comparing Kinect to the Wii/Move is like comparing Tape to CD...Leave the hip cool stuff for the 360 crowd...

Biggest2899d ago

I have children. My 8 year old said "Wow. This is stupid, Daddy. Can I go outside?" My 3 year old said "I like tigers!" So the question now is. . . Do you spend $510 on an easy to break toy that a 3 year old will barely use? As a responsible parent I can say without hesitation. . . FUCK NO!

GreenRingsOfLife2899d ago

@Biggest. Would a responsible parent say "FUCK NO" ?

DigitalAnalog2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

You know, I'm led to believe you are one of the staff members on N4G JUST to keep the site hits coming. I hate to admit it but it's working.

-End statement

JackBNimble2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Deliver what, wifi?What else does it have?

The difference between the 360 slim and the PS3 slim is only one thing.... the PS3 had a PRICE CUT.

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Paradise2899d ago

I really liked how you could control everything on the dashboard just by using your hands.

but that's about it. It doesn't seem like something I would use for gaming.

Rhythmattic2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Every one demoing this before making gestures look like the kids from "Village of the Damned"

What happens if I drink a Beer... Honest Question.

sgw_dec0y2899d ago

Speaking in terms of being a father I can see how Kinect would be ok. I have a very young son who really does not get how to use the Wii yet. But just wailing his arms around and running would be fine. To me it comes down to this... M$ is spouting this as the NEW BIG THING. Well show me the software that is new.. not redone Wii sh*t that we saw years ago.

Biggest2899d ago

Would you spend that kind of money on something that can be recreated by playing a silly song? My daughter would react the same to the credits of Toy Story 2. It's like buying a cardboard box. Everyone knows that young kids can entertain themselves for hours with one. But would you pay $150 for one?

JackBNimble2899d ago

I'll buy one (cardboard box) , my 4 year old loves them ...hahaha

mantisimo2899d ago

Bought Eyepet for my 3 kids last christmas (ages 5, 10, 14)

They each played seperately, hatched an egg, played for 3 minutes then asked to put whichever controller led game they were given for christmas on instead.

"But your eyepet will get ill and die" " "yeah yeah dad shuddup and make some cheese on toast while I kill Lozarovich" nice :/

come to think about it, it's actually like a real pet, "Dad can I have a rabbit, can I have a rabbit, can I have a rabbit, can I have a rabbit, can I have a rabb..." " YES YOU CAN!"

*a week later *

"Hey Skip, wheres Flopsy tail?"

"Oh I forgot to feed it and so she died, have you seen my PSP?"

Dsnyder2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Microsoft has surely lost. E3. I dont even think Nintendo could screw this up like they normally do. No new games, awkward stuttering speakers, and embarassing presentation of Natal (I know its called Kinect but seriously that name sucks). Sony is going to have its day today. When they hit E3 its going to be a massacre. All those games to reveal. Its going to make Microsoft look like they have just been dicking around for the past year and they have.

V8SuperCars2899d ago

Awesome article, agree with every word.

Think MS screwed this one over, if they came out and showed Halo Reach, Gears 3 and even Assassins Creed Brotherhood all played flawlessly and smooth on the kinect MS might have had something going for them, showing stuff we have seen and played for the past 5 years on the PS2/PS3 and Wii was not impressive at all and to call it revolutionary was just funny.
And leaked price of $150 is the icing on a very bad un-risen cake LOL.

JackBNimble2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

If MS was able to integrate Natal/kinect in some aspect with the hard core games aswell as the kiddie games they showed then things would be much different.

Why does it have to be controllerless gaming? MS could have easily used controller/kinect for the hard core games. I think if they don't change things soon MS will find themselevs in some trouble unless they start pumping out good games for the hard core gamer.

EDIT: Now that MS will be focussing time and money on kinect will there be anything left for the hardcore gamer?