E310: A Series of Unfortunate Press Events – the Microsoft Keynote Summary

Ripten's Gavin Bard gives his thoughts on Microsoft's E3 2010 press conference.

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bfenty2960d ago

Totally agree. Kinect is a really cool tech demo, but not seeing any good games for it yet.

LightFantastic2960d ago

I felt bad hammering it so hard, but if Microsoft wanted to make the Kinect the focal point of their show, it is on them that they failed.

Even EA did a better job of showing off what the Kinect can do in one minute of Active 2 previews than Microsoft did in the three and a half weeks it took for them to finish.

Sandwich Bender2960d ago

It really was terrible, so you shouldn't feel bad.

Lifendz2960d ago

made me ashamed to be a gamer. Good god is this what they think the evolution of gaming is?

gynecologistcobra2960d ago

Great write up. I really wish Microsoft had done a better job presenting the stuff they had. Maybe then it wouldn't have been so lame.

D4RkNIKON2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

It wasn't the presentation it was the content. They needed to show games games and more games.

Too much casual for anyone who would be keen enough to know what E3 is. The audience at E3 want's to see core games and Kenect didn't have any of that. I understand why MS would want to tap into the casual market, but in my opinion the E3 stage wasn't the place for it.

gynecologistcobra2960d ago

However, may I just say that I thought Dance Central looked awesome, and I will be playing it.

Sandwich Bender2960d ago

Dance Central looked undeniably fun.

LightFantastic2960d ago

Totally, I would play that as much as Guitar Hero honestly. But I'm an oddly decent dancer.

Arnon2960d ago

Agreed, and if what they say is true and that Star Wars game was actually recorded in-game footage of someone playing, then I'd give that a shot as well.

LBD_Nytetrayn2960d ago

Other than Rising, the only stuff that really interested me very much was the Kinect stuff. Go figure.

CobraKai2960d ago

The giggling girls bit sounds absolutely gut wrenching. I'm glad I didn't waste my time watching this. Kinect, something I wanted to see more of, turned out to be what many gamers were already saying, an Eye Toy. Boo Microsoft. Boo.

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