GoldenEye 007 confirmed for Wii, first trailer released

GoldenEye 007 is returning, with new inclusions for Wii.

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Valay2688d ago

I guess that gun peripheral is real then too.

PoSTedUP2688d ago

i think i am just going to play the classic 007 and overstand that they will never make a bond game as good as the one for N64. JUST REMEMBER just because it says "Goldeneye007" in the title of the game does not mean it will be anywhere near as good. im not trying to be pessamistic either.

IVE SAID for years that they should remake goldeneye, but now i take that back, this game should be left untouched and we should just move on. it would be really sad to see them screw up such a masterpiece. :,(

N4g_null2687d ago

I think your wrong just look at it I sore those where video from the original. Maybe because it's using the same engine?

This is great it's going to kick HVS ass those they better get ready! Also activision has their own online system for thew wii, so you get true to PC ranking and online, maybe not live but that is fine. I finally get to kill people other than my family LOL in this game.

The money involved in doing this must have been epic, I never really cared for IW anyway so it's a win to me. Yet Acti is on the list of people you don't want to work for LOL still.

Jamie Foxx2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

yesterdays pitiful conference so far,goldeneye wii just destroyed

hoping for a 3ds unveil

Hellsvacancy2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Isnt it, im glad MS didnt get it it belongs to Nintendo

El_Colombiano2688d ago

Nintendo paid for it's existence they own every right to the game.

Hellsvacancy2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I know that was my point brother

I was sick of seing all the articles about how GoldenEye was makin its way to the 360, it pissed me off how MS could buy its way in-2 a fantastic creation like GoldenEye knowin that they didnt help the development of the game at all

Edit: id feel the same if the PS3 got it (although that wouldnt stop me buyin it)

pimpmaster2688d ago

dude , whats it matter. i have a wii and im pretty shure this is gonna blow. i want to play this game with a 360 controller not a wiimote.

qface642688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

so you want it to blow on the 360 instead of the wii?
ok then...

AdvanceWarsSgt2688d ago

I don't know, it would look better and have better online no doubt on the 360, but I just can't stand DA after experiencing IR. To each their own I suppose.

pimpmaster2688d ago

what im saying is this is more suited for a proper controller type gameplay and current gen graphics. not last gen graphics with no online and a point and click shooting mechanic.

Mini Mario2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

"with no online and a point and click shooting mechanic."

So you dont like playing FPS's on a PC then ?? lol

How can u even comapare "last gen" Dual Analog to point and shoot >>?


ozstar2688d ago

You have no idea if they will design it with the classic controller option, but as usual you're making excuses about WHY the Wii sucks, and why YOU don't care anymore.

Goldeneye is SUPERIOR to Perfect Dark. You know it, and now you're a little bit upset.

ChickeyCantor2688d ago

I dont see how GE is superior to PD.
PD was actually an improvement over GE, it included all the GE gameplay and then some...unless Scifi isn't your thing.

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Jeromejones2688d ago

why is daniel craig, Bond in goldeneye?!

Rocket Sauce2688d ago

I like Daniel Craig, but if it's not Pierce Brosnan, it's not Goldeneye.

ChickeyCantor2688d ago

Due the new movies.
Pure marketing.

dizzleK2688d ago

ffffuuuuuuu looks like i'm rebuying a wii.