Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit officially outed, dated.

EA have just outed their new Need For Speed game, entitled Need For Speed: hot Pursuit. The game will release on November 16th for Ps3 and 360.

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BYE2956d ago

NFS III Hot Pursuit was the best NFS so far in my opinion.

poindat2956d ago

...I never thought I'd see the day. Ladies and gentlemen, Criterion may single handedly save the entire NFS franchise. This is groundbreaking news, to say the least.

If this really does take us back to the days when NFS was THE racing franchise, I will die a happy, happy man.

-Alpha2956d ago

Criterion are legendary. They really are awesome and this game looks really nice. They know how to make fun racers

frostypants2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

The original NFS still hasn't been topped for epic crashes...sure the cars didn't deform, but the physics of the car tumbling were awesome. You could flip the car 20 times, but it still felt like it had real weight to it...I have yet to see that done well in any game since. Burnout has great crashes but no realism, and games like Gran Turismo have great realism but no crashes.

NFS III was awesome though. to me, every NFS release since has been NFS "in name only". NFS III was the last real NFS game in my book.

hybridtheory122956d ago

Does any1 notice that on E3 they played the PS3 version? I nvr thot id ever see the day....

RosoTron362956d ago

Watching on G4tv right now. Seems they're playin all demos using ps3... O.o plus! After Dead Space 2 demo, they said wait for the conclusion of the demo in the Sony Conference!! Sweet Sauce!!

BYE2956d ago

EA seems to develop every game on PS3 first now.

4221852956d ago

Hopefully it returns to its roots, NFS 3 Hot Pursuit.

spunnups2956d ago

After Burnout Paradise, I will buy almost anything made by Criterion blindly. That was easily one of the best racers ever and it looked absolutely magnificent for its time and ran like a charm. Amazing developers deserve first day sales.

Solo2272956d ago

They woulda have Remade Underground 2....

Sunny_D2956d ago

Um, if they were smart they wouldn't make Underground 2. HP were the best in the series.

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