Opinion: Did Xbox Disappoint at E3?

That's it. Microsoft have laid themselves bear at E3 for another year and let people all know what to expect from Camp Xbox in the coming months.

Now begins the torrent of the information, news and opinion on its starring slot at the LA expo.

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DelbertGrady2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

According to the majority of the N4G community "M$" always disappoints.

According to the rest of the world, who knows? I thought the Gears 3 and Halo Reach demos were awesome. The Crytek exclusive announcement was a nice surprise as well. MGS Rising looked amazing too.

Mr_Bun2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I will give you credit. You are the only 360 faithful showing his face since the conference.

I take it back, you and omega

- Ghost of Sparta -2656d ago

This was by far the most embarrassing press conference I have ever seen. If my 360 was still alive I would have sold it today.

Redgehammer2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I am here as well.
From a gaming dad's perspective and after watching my kids and the neighborhood kids watch the press briefing, all I know is they are excited; and Kinect is looking like a purchase for my family and me. I have read nothing but putrid reading vitriol in regards to Kinect or anything else from MS and it reminds me of grade school. I Agree with Soda that Gears 3 and Reach looked sweet, but I also liked the addition of ESPN, The video connect from TV to TV, The hands free navigation of of my 360, as well as the integration of voice commands and a redesigned 360. Was it as good as last year, no. Was it the momumental failure that many of the people commenting here on N4G are espousing? No, as well. And, I love N4G for that very reason, I love reading the various comments of so many different people that range from the angry to intelligent; as well as many other permutations of human opinion and "facts. However, I am amazed at how often the diversity of opinions seem to get subjugated, in any article pertaining to MS or the 360, and a "hive minded" like approach to extolling the "awfulness" of anything MS runs through N4G like prune juice through a grandmother.

CYCLEGAMER2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

You may have made one of the best and most sensible comments I have ever seen on n4g. On my way home from work I was trying to figure out how I was going to speak my mind about the Microsoft hatred here on n4g, but you put it in to words perfectly.

The sad thing is that I don't think that it is Kinect that they hate, its the fact that Microsoft has it, and if the roles were reversed (ps3 had kinect, MS had move) I have a feeling that people on this site would be saying that MS is just a "wii clone" and Sony is "innovating" as usual.

However I am looking forward to both.

Willio2656d ago

nice job ruining redgehammer's civil opinion of 'hive minded' characters by adding your 2 cent. I just don't understand how you can claim people only dislike Kinect only because its promoted by MS and not PS3. Thats a bold statement. FYI, they both are Wii clones.

CYCLEGAMER2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

@Willio, first of all, what I said was my OPINION about the majority people on this site. I never said that they (move, or kinect) were or were not clones of anything, I personally look at both of them as upgrades to existing hardware/software.

Now.....both consoles are trying to get something that they don't have and that is the casual market. What is funny to me is that whenever something comes out about Microsoft/Kinect, everyone on this site is so quick to point out the negatives, but everything sony is so "purified" "Holy".

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thorstein2657d ago

Did they show it? I haven't heard anything!

deafwing2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

miss much; nuff said. There was about 5 minutes worth of Hard Core gamer stuff, of which (to me) Metal Gear Solid Rising looked hot.

Gears of War 3 coop play was the most interesting thing about it because it delivers what you expect from Gears visually. The newest element is the coop, so it will be interesting if they implement it well and take particular attention to Lost Planet 2 (and not do something like that).

They didnt' show a lot of independent developer stuff nor did they show DUST (a game the rivals the visuals of Muramasa). The other 90% of the show was geared towards casual gamers and Kinects ... and two guys from ESPN.

Minimox162656d ago

i didn't see any of that, im working right now and streaming its disable here :(

Simon_Brezhnev2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

well if LaChance said it was disappointing that should tell you something. well the conference was all about KinActing

Anarki2657d ago

You can clearly tell the majority of those Kinect presentations where pre rendered....

SixZeroFour2656d ago

i didnt see the conference and prolly get the answer later, but might as well try here as well

is kinect = natal?

NexGen2656d ago

Yes Kinect is Natal.

My view on the conference (and I am an equal opportunity console owner here) is that I now have no desire to buy one. I was interested, but I had hoped for more than Wii clones. ESPN is kinda cool, not into sports though. The "hardcore" stuff was ok, and the unveil of the system at the end was pretty hot.

I'm just sad at the kinect focus, as I do believe it could have been cool. I was always "wait and see" but now that I've seen, I have to say I'm not impressed with kinect.

New slim360 = hotness though. I hope my old elite rrod's so I have an excuse.

Can't wait for tomorrow, as I do hope ps3 will bring some hardcore to motion control.

SixZeroFour2656d ago kinect ISNT having a separate press conference?

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deadreckoning6662657d ago

@Soda Popinsky- Well, if ur happy, then I'm happy for you. But personally, if I wanted to play Gears and Halo, I woulda bought a 360 a LONG time ago.


Who am I kidding?? I have bougth 3 xbox 360 for Gears. I had 2 of them RROD on me. Gears is the ONLY game that makes me whant to keep my 360. No Kinect and no other exclusive make me want to turn on my 360 for more than 15 minutes.


Karum2657d ago

The stuff you mentioned was great.

Pretty sure nobody has any criticisms of that stuff. People are disappointed in the Kinect stuff which was garbage and the lack of anything new for core gamers considering the games shown were already known to the world, with the exception of the Crytek game.

That's why for me the MS conference sucked...I love what they showed for core gamers but Iwas excited to see what NEW content for core gamers they had up their sleeve, the closest thing they had to new info for core gamers was timed exclusive DLC for call of duty...I mean are you kidding me MS?

deafwing2656d ago

... even though we're waiting for theirs. Think about it, most of the big news were already released for Sony as well (unless if they have an ace/two up their sleeves).

Also, since they have the move (focused on casual games as well), I wouldn't be surprised if I walked away feeling the same.

Out of the three console makers, Nintendo is the only one we don't know much about other than what's been rumored. If they can capture the hardcore market, and still please their casual market, they might walk out with the best press conference. Then again, there's Sackboy.

Karum2656d ago

Well we can't say it about sony too because they haven't had their press conference yet. They may well have new unnanounced hardcore games to show off. Yeah they announced a lot of big games already, doesn't mean to say there's no more core games to be announced though but you could well be correct come this time tomorrow.

Kinda need to wait until then though before saying things like that.

ThanatosDMC2656d ago

I hope Sony announces PSP2 and make it a bitch to hack like the PSP-3000 and the Go. So we have more games.

Caffo012656d ago

i respect your opinion but i would wait before saying that Sony will be disappointing like MS...Sony revealed some big games before E3 but that doesn't mean that they're done with the news..i'm expecting 3/4 new first party exclusives being announced at the conference tomorrow..i hope i am right^^
and i'd like to see psp2 too :/

JD_Shadow2656d ago

We're already being promised the conclusion of the Dead Space 2 trailer per what we heard out of the EA conference (which got a good bit of shock, by the way).

And Soda, most of the gaming world and media was not amused or impressed. Even G4 slammed it. There wasn't even a megaton like there was in the years before.

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randomwiz2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

in my opinion, the 360 had a good briefing. There was no major announcement. We already knew about most of the stuff that was presented. There was no surprise that blew us away.

But it did disappoint people because many were expecting Microsoft to show what hardcore gamers could do with Kinect. The first party Kinect titles were pretty disappointing for most people.

B-/C+, half of the briefing was good,but not surprising(reach,gears,fable, all expected), the other half(Kinect) disappointed by not showing any hardcore use.

sombrero2657d ago

The first half was good, but I was disappointed with the second half. I liked the UI in the fitness game, but nothing else interested me.

I think the Crytek announcement was my favorite part of the conference. Overall, I'd say it's not as horrible as a lot of n4g users are saying, but it's definitely not as good as previous MS conferences. I think the second half left a horrible taste in people's mouths. If they switched and showed the Kinect stuff first, people probably wouldn't have such strong opinions. I think announcing another game or two would've been nice.

NateNater2657d ago

The only thing that I liked out of the entire conference was Gears 3. Multiplayer co-op for that game will be insane! I'm not much of a Halo or Fable fan. I wasn't that excited about Kinect before the conference and nothing about that changed after the conference.

It wasn't a bad conference but it wasn't the greatest conference ever either. Looking forward to see what Sony and Nintendo have to offer tomorrow.

hennessey862657d ago

because i was ecpecting so much from microsoft it wasnt a disaster but a little underwhelming. I'm looking forward to kinect especially the voice control and the forza thing looks intruiging hears hoping sony give something to really smile about i want a release date for gt5 and really cheap pricing for move p.s the new 360 is a must buy for me but ill wait till its bundled with kinect before i buy one

HolyOrangeCows2657d ago

Even the Halo Reach showing was bland. And Gears 3 was so linear.
MGSR and COD:BO looked okay....but guess what else you will be able to play that on?

And then the rest was boring Kinect and non-gaming features stuff.

SaberEdge2657d ago

Well, I definitely thought that this year Microsoft had more of an emphasis on motion controls and more of their casual games. But I already expected that. This year was all about Kinect and the new Xbox 360 redesign. That said, I absolutely loved what I saw of Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach.

All in all, as a core gamer I would say this wasn't there best, but it also wasn't nearly as bad as some people are making it out to be. I would give them a B this year.

callahan092657d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

MS doesn't always disappoint, Soda, at least not in my opinion (Windows 7 was a massive win after the piece of crap that was Vista, and on the gaming front Alan Wake was the best Microsoft-published title in years in my opinion), but last night's & today's e3 offerings from MS were beyond disappointing... it's been a total, absolute waste of time!

ATLGAMER2657d ago Show
tinybigman2656d ago

and all i can say it WTF!!!!!! i would have to give it a C+ and only because of the beginning with CoD, Gears, Halo, MGS Rising, and new model system. the rest is utter crap

002656d ago

the conference was good if you're a casual gamer, but I was expecting more hardcore game.

catguykyou2656d ago

Conf had it's ups and downs. Gears, halo, new crytek game, fable, slim were all ups for me. Kenetic was not. Delay was bad and the games were unimpressive. I have a feeling the Sony conf will be the same because I don't find motion controls to be all that impressive but sonys 1st party games and new psn features are.

ABizzel12656d ago

Honestly I expected more. I'm not saying the conference was bad, there just weren't as many announcements as I thought would be there.

Overall B/A+

NecrumSlavery2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

No one at the conference looked or sounded excited at all.
I personally think the coolest thing from MS was ESPN. I'm not big on sports, but it looks really cool none the less.
Kinectimals? EyePet
Reach? Same same
Gears? Cool. Environments are brighter.
Kinect Games? Meh
Videochat? Watching stuff together is cool, do you both have to buy the movie?
Kinect Overall? As a media periphrial, I like it. But all the games look stupid.
New Xbox? Very Pretty, how do you transfer data from Elite/Pro?
Free 360? Me and Kojima never got one.

Overall it was boring, unexciting and lacked any energy.

Do admit MGRising looks pretty cool. Kojima didn't seem to connected which makes me think it might not be up to par. If hideo doesn't make it, it usually flops.

ico922656d ago

please take your fanboy goggles off
it was a joke, everyone looked like they didnt wanna be there, the audience sounded bored out of there mind, Gears 3 and fable 3 were amazingly unimpressive, the level they showed looked like DLC for gears 2 and lol @ kinectimals blatant Eye Pet Clone, and who wants to see someone perform yoga, microsfts e3 confrence was pathetic.

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B-Real2062657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

For me yes!
We knew about Gears, Halo and Fable
Kinect was uninteresting
New Xbox was nice
ESPN rocks

Overall a C

That's my opinion, you have yours

MaximusPrime2657d ago

free ESPN for paying Gold Member. is that a wow factor?

Anarki2657d ago

It only applies to a small majority of the 360 install base. Which is a massive fail...

B-Real2062657d ago

not really a wow factor but something positive that I took out of the conference.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I thought it was free. You are right, you have to pay the service.

Anon19742657d ago

Gears and Halo are...well, Gears and Halo. We want more of the same and we'll gobble it up, but we knew about these titles. Fable 3 showed nothing, the one new game announced was a trailer that told us nothing.

Kinect for me has zero to offer. Oh, I can pause my video by yelling at my screen? You know what else works fine? The pause button on my remote. Yeah! I just saved $150-200.

The games shown on Kinect were extremely laggy. Did you see how far in advance of the obstacles the guy had to jump before his character onscreen reacted? Even the new Xbox left me feeling underwhelmed. So they made it more like the PS3 for the same price, but no Blu-Ray? You've really got your finger on the pulse of the consumer there, Microsoft.

Nothing new, no price for Kinect. Ugh! Overall a D for me.

deafwing2657d ago

I've been saying this since I saw that part in the press conf. ...

if I can name my xbox "B'itch" .. I'm sold on this feature. The jokes would be too much at my crib.

"B'itch Stop"
"B'itch Pause"
"B'itch Shut Down"
"B'itch RROD" ... OH wait .. :p

Al Bundy2657d ago

Yes. Even the Xbox fanboys won't defend MS on this one.

AtatakaiSamurai2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago ), good one... O.O oh wait, you were being serious? O.O Surely you're new to the 360community

Nitrowolf22657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I expected more from it and like the author said slim isn't a surprise (since it was leaked already just like PS3 slim had been last E3)
I was hoping for some massive new game titles or a hardcore game for Kinect
i was thinking of getting a 360 till i heard of slim a few days ago so i will buy that one instead

the only thing that came out if MS for announcement was the slim
gears 3, reach gameplay pretty good

If SONY does gameplay of Killzone 2,LBP,Motorstorm then its kind of expected but we want new game announcements and MOVE better have a hardcore game (Socom 4 F yeah and LBP2, but i am talkign about an all new title)

Omega42657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Well at least Kinect does what it was promised to do, shame there were no serious megatons

zorglub2657d ago

ah ah even the most hardcore MS fanboys see it was lame..

I feel sorry for you. It will be the final nail in the 360 coffin.

MS is dreaming if they think they will turn their 360 in a Wii.

Buy a PS3 if you want games.

mrv3212657d ago

I though it promised hardcore games and actual entertainment... not pretend fake entertainment.

strickers2657d ago

Does it though?They said gestures for menu control but it was more like Eyetoy on PS2,with you touching screen furniture.The vids were faked too.
We'll see but Move looks quite a bit superior to both and combining Wii/Kinect best "exclusive" features in one place.It also reverses the 360 programming advantage by being easier to implement and put into existing games.

Chris3992657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

That was almost a reasonable statement (for you). If what Kinect "was promised to do" was glitch out on stage (see: hurtling game - camera just stops seeing the one guy and he has to go fix it) and look uninteresting.

Sigh2656d ago

so much for that Nomura tap on the shoulder @ Microsoft Conference... hahaha.

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