250GB Xbox 360 'Slim' fully detailed

CVG: Touch-sensitive buttons, 802.11n Wi-Fi, quieter fan, integrated optical audio out port.

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nygamer282930d ago

ill keep my launch console(gotta spend my money on booze and the bitches)

- Ghost of Sparta -2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Lol this should have been the Xbox 360 standard. Why are they charging $300 when it is exactly the same as before? Even Nintendo had Wi-Fi 6 years ago.

presto7172930d ago

I mean if someone gives me one for christmas I would take it, but slim or no slim, I dont think its worth my hard earned money for the time being. I remember when Ps3 slim came out and I was like "holy sh*t" but now that microsoft is trying the same thing, my gut reaction is just like "nah....."

Maybe that will change in future. No one knows.

tawak2930d ago

even my 10 yr old nokia phone has wifi

corneliuscrust2930d ago

Why are you haters even commenting here?

"xbox has no wifi and small HDD LULZ, who wud buy dat?!? Lol!1one!"

MS releases xbox with wifi and 250gb hdd

"wifi is SO 6 years ago hahah why is xbox the same price as xbox?! WTF"

Do you clowns even read your comments before you post?

PS Anyone who games on wifi is in for lag. No matter what. There is ALWAYS inherent lag over wifi connections vs wired connections. If you're using it to browse the net, it's perfect. No wires. If you're gaming... haha well, enjoy that.

darthv722930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Every console since the days of the 2600 has gone through a makeover and suddenly people think that because MS is making a slim 360 that they are pulling a "me too" on sony?

If you had no interest in the 360 before and still dont then so be it. No sense in poking jabs at improvements when we have had a machine get stuff removed recently.

I should clarify something. The sense of double standards are what drives my previous statement. While we all know the 360 was no where near perfect, it has improved over time. Revisions to the hardware to make it quieter and less power hungry and yet still the same criticism about it lacking this or that or its reliability always come up.

Here is the chance for redemption in the eyes of the gamers. Making a single sku with hard drive standard, built in wifi (wireless N no less), revised physical form and improved cooling/power requirements, number of usb ports have been upped from 3 to 5.

What has been removed are far less than what has been added. The loss of the memory card slots will be a blow to those who have those cards (I myself have a 256 i use on my pro with my profile saved). That's really it if you think about it. Oh maybe RROD if it turns out the hardware is far more superior to the original (which it should be).

Now if we look at the ps3, there is a system where right from the beginning was speced and priced beyond normalcy. Sony had to right away start axing features they felt werent cost effective. Backward comp w/PS2 games, media card slots, USB ports, and those are just hardware changes to cut cost.

The debacle that is Other OS is debatable but i have to give credit to sony for adding more to their internal feature set as well as their psn network. When viewed from a neutral perspective, ps3 has lost the most in terms of hardware features and 360 the very least. Looking at hardware additions you dont have any for the ps3 but you do have several for the 360.

So I just find it so odd that criticism could still be harsh for a system that is striving to improve on itself when viewed next to a system that has had things taken away. Who is really getting the free pass here?

Hatred towards a company is one thing. Hatred towards a console that only serves to entertain is another. I may hate sony for their pricing and business tactics (MS is no better in that dept) but that doesnt mean i have the same feeling towards their respected consoles.

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Fanb0y2930d ago

Ghost of Sparta

Because people will buy it? If there's demand, why not charge more?

pippoppow2930d ago

How can they sell it for the same price as a superior PS3? Should be $199.

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mikepmcc2930d ago

Looks slick, I like the design and size.

darthv722930d ago

as if sony and ms have changed places...again.

Last gen, xbox had hdd std and ps2 was option. this gen 360 it was option and ps3 std.

ps3 was glossy black and 360 elite was matte finish. ps3 slim is matte and 360 slim is glossy.

I wonder where they will cross paths at next?

xer02930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

...I can now buy a Microsoft 360 "Slim" ;-)

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