Valhalla Game Studios and THQ Announce Ground-Breaking Partnership

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"Valhalla Game Studios and THQ Announce Ground-Breaking Partnership "

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ProA0072956d ago

Devil's Third reminds me of WET

Blaze9292956d ago

Yeah Ruby exactly when that female had the sword.

Gago2956d ago

its like wet, but done right

- Ghost of Sparta -2956d ago

Yeah except WET was garbage and Devil's Third looks fun. Funny how some people expected this to be announced at MS's press conference, exclusively for 360. Haha.

AridSpider2956d ago

Shame this isn't coming till 2012

dizzleK2956d ago

one thing thats been ignored is that this is a multiplat, the bots were positive that itagi's game would be a 360 exclusive.

ABizzel12956d ago

I think everyone thought it would be a 360 exclusive, even those who said it would be multiplat knew in the back of our heads that it was very possible it was a 360 excluive

waltyftm2956d ago

The tits are not BIG enough.

ViciousBoston2956d ago

game will fail. Enjoy less than 250k sales.