Microsoft Believes Sony Will Charge for Playstation Network

Kotaku: Microsoft believes that Sony's E3 press conference tomorrow will, among other things, introduce a pay plan for the traditionally free Playstation Network.

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Simon_Brezhnev2956d ago

lol and Microsoft also believes that Kinect is revolutionary

psman0122956d ago

Hahaha I was thinking the same thing :D

Hideo_Kojima2956d ago

They WISH that Sony will charge...

sikbeta2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

That's not the Thing, On-Line Gaming will remain FREE, so Sony can charge for a PSN+ Premium adding features, not taking features in order to charge the consumers...

Zydake2955d ago

I dont care if it comes or not I just want it for free for now cause i bought this 1 year qore with crappy stuff for subscribers

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blumatt2956d ago

They probably will, but playing online will remain free. That's what MS needs to do. Playing online should be free and then if you want all the crap like Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, etc. then you should pay the $50. That's why Sony's is going to be better.

raztad2956d ago

Nobody will pay for twittering, you can do that for free elsewhere. PSN+ needs to offer an attractive package to get people to upgrade. Free 2 hours game preview, special prices for PSN games/movies, etc etc.

JumpNPlayBon2955d ago


MS CAN'T do that. The Gold subscriptions would cease to exist. I'd bet all the tea in China that 99.9999% of us Live users ONLY have live to play the other half of their games.

That's they only reason I have it. PERIOD. MS goes on and on about this and that, but that's the truth of it and they know it. You can have access to everything else for FREE online.

vhero2956d ago

Sony have clearly said that online gaming will stay free for the life of the console as will all existing free features. After that they are free to charge for what they damn well like in my opinion.

Death2955d ago


SCEA, at its sole discretion, may modify the terms of this Agreement at any time, including imposing a fee for creating PSN accounts. By accepting this Agreement or by accessing Sony Online Services, you agree to be bound by all current terms of the Agreement. To access a printable, current copy of this Agreement, go to

MorganX2956d ago

They're going to have to to get it on par with Live! Development costs money.

ThanatosDMC2956d ago

MS wants Sony to lower their standards??? WTF?

Insomnia_842955d ago

I think the wil but not for what`s currently free, I think they will make some kind of "package" with extras, anyway Sony's conference will own!!!

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NateNater2956d ago

Even if they do charge, I'm sure whatever features that are available now will remain free.

Raf1k12956d ago

That's the plan. It'd be really bad if they went back on their word now.

MaximusPrime2956d ago

i actually look forward to what this rumored PSN+ will bring.

If it doesnt satified me, i can still enjoy playing online with existing PSN.

Nitrowolf22956d ago

2morro is gonna be big for SONY and i hope we can hear all details soon.
hurry up day

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