Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade 2010 Lineup

Ex: The 3rd annual 'Summer of Arcade' on Xbox Live will commence July 2010, Microsoft announced today following their annual E3 Keynote.

In its first two years of existence, the Summer of Arcade delivered stellar downloadable titles to gamers, including Braid, Castle Crashers, Geometry Wars 2, and Trials HD. This year, Microsoft is bringing another hand-picked collection to Xbox Live Arcade


Added short video montage of all 5 titles, will appear inside article momentarily.

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CrAppleton2899d ago

Sweet! Can't wait to get some of these XBLA games

MorganX2899d ago

Nothin' much here. I am wondering if Castlevania will be on PSN too. Right now I'm waiting for th new Lara Croft game, Alien Breed: Impact, and Magic The Gathering to finally drop for PSN.

If I do go back (or rather add back) an Xbox, it'll be for XBLA. Sony's starting to catch up though and Alien Breed will fix many of the issues the XBLA version had.

Everyone wins here. The PS3 is responsible for the new Xbox Slim, and XBLA and Live! are responsible for Sony finally getting decent downloadables and hopefully improving PSN.

reluctant_gamer2899d ago

I can't see a castlevania game not being on a playstation console. It would be like FInal Fantasy being on xbox. Oh wait....

maniacmayhem2899d ago

Xbox Live always kicks ass with their Summer of Games.

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