Mad Catz Already Gearing Up for Kinect Accessories

Xbox Evolved:

"New Range of Accessories Expected to Ship in time for the launch of Kinect, Expected November 2010"

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ProA0072743d ago

Mad Catz for ya. Sheesh

Blaze9292743d ago

their products honestly suck. They always break on me

Baka-akaB2743d ago

pure crap indeed , except for their tournament edition fighting stick , surprisingly .

But then again they hired back then a great arcade stick pro designer , and used sanwa parts

poindat2743d ago

I first bought one of their wireless controllers for the PS2... It made me forever hate wireless controllers until I purchased my PS3 and found that bluetooth is indeed the sh*t.

I'm never touching a Mad Catz product again, for sure.

soljah2742d ago

wait what Accessories for natal? isn't the whole point of natal hands free gaming. now u have to spend another $50 bucks for Accessories? no thanks

RAZORLAND2742d ago

everything else, MadCatz, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

Somnipotent2743d ago

how do you make accessories for something that requires no controllers?

Baka-akaB2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

simple !! Gloves!!! :p

Besides one could always pimp the look of the natal sensor

webeblazing2742d ago

limit edition thriller kinect glove. help kinect connect to that special litte guy

Baka-akaB2742d ago

or just imagine a nice kinect voice recorder (with multiple extra effects , like rbot and chimpmunk voices)
one press of a button and it repeats a "xbox pause" "xbox play" command :p

dizzleK2742d ago

maybe a nice soft silicone cover for this $150 butt-plug.

dkgshiz2742d ago

They make the cheapest sh!t you can find.

Bigpappy2742d ago

I was thinking "Skeleton" suit. The only accessory needed is a plam size sub-controller.