GameTrailers: Xbox 360 Slim Interview

Geoff Keighley gets some one-on-one time with Aaron Greenberg and the new Xbox 360 Slim after the Microsoft E3 2010 Press Conference.

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vhero2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I really hate this guy and its nothing to do with 360 or MS I just hate him as he is a huge fanboy.

Kinect is HUGE! It's bigger than half the size of the console never realized it was so big..

basicsameh5142930d ago

did someone hit a nerve?

SOAD2930d ago

You hate him for being a fanboy?

Pot: "Hey, you there, kettle. I hate you because you're black."

Gobuz2930d ago

Did you see him wince at Geoff going on about the power supply issue if you had the original xbox, classic.

ThanatosDMC2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I hate Geoff Keighley. Damn fanboy!

They should make people like Jeff Rubenstein(sp?) do interviews since he listens to what his viewers want to ask even if it is to embarrass whoever he is interviewing.


I think is good, but it should cost less than $299.

SixZeroFour2930d ago

but it has a 250gb hard drive (not compatible with old hard drives?) built in wifi, hdmi out, kinect ready (im sure it comes with controller and headset and otehr basics) thats a good deal if you ask me

i need to sell my console to a friend to get that, lol

Baka-akaB2930d ago

since when arent all 360 kinect ready ? Sounds more like PR crap .

SixZeroFour2930d ago

@baka- i thought we (original xbox owners) have to have a separate power supply for the kinect (from a keighley/greenburg interview) and in the new xbox its already built in...i dunno, didnt watch the conference, but looked through a couple articles

@mitt - i am and always will be one person..and trolling? how was i doing that?

@disagreers, "I" honestly think that what it offers is worth the price it will be sold at, and i really do need to sell my console to get it, cause im not going to have 2 360s just for the new one...i already know one of my buddies that needs to get a 360 for cheap (ive even mentioned him in a couple of my comments, cause he comes over a lot to play 360 games)

i swear, N4G needs to have a reply function after agreeing or disagreeing with comments (its why i never click the button)...voice your opinion towards others' opinions rather than hiding being a random disagree...this is rediculous..."disagree&qu ot; why (fill in blank) is it that hard?

Sigh2930d ago

ALFA is right, without bluray alone should be under 299.

Baka-akaB2930d ago

let's not forget how the impossibility to freely copy videos on the hdd from an external source , kinda kill some of the interest of the new acquired space .

Sure it's cool for those copying all of their games drom disc at once (personally dont see the point of doing it for more than 3-4 games , just like ps3 installs) or buying everything the marketplace got to offer , but it ends there .

ThanatosDMC2930d ago

Not to mention the subscription fees if you wanna use Live.

Tomkar2930d ago

The only thing I like about it is the looks! And I really mean the ONLY thing...

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The story is too old to be commented.