Xbox Press Conference Impressions: From My Couch

Matt G. from writes, "Last year, I had the privilege to attend E3 and both Sony and Microsoft’s press conferences. This year, due to more stressing events in my life, I couldn’t make. Like most of you I was just chilling in my living room watching the Microsoft conference on Spike and soaking up the gaming goodness. While you will get the first-hand impressions from the Bitbag staff in Los Angeles, I thought I’d give you my impression as someone sitting at home."

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FangBlade2931d ago

Worst conference I have ever seen.

OOG2931d ago

yeah wasnt impressed that they went too casual....

Lots of fun hey look what im doing when im drunk games...and the first half started off nice but quickly started to crash.....damn you and your fury tiger lmao

OOG2930d ago

as I think of it tho.. I guess at least they didn't reshow games like Crackdown even though they could have shown it since it comes out next monthish....

Wish I would have seen some gameplay of that new crytek game tho..

GWAVE2930d ago

Wow. Microsoft showed off....nothing. I mean, really. A 360 slim, Kinect, and some multiplatform games?

Easily the worst E3 conference I've seen from them since the 360 came out.

Tunerboy87322930d ago

and after all that torture they didnt even release a price for it.The new 360 and gears of war demo was probably the only good things about the whole conference.

kinetic1002930d ago

To be honest i don't think MS aimed at the right audience. Had my 6 year old little girl been watching, i am sure she would be asking for kinect right now based on the tiger and dance game. But i don't understand why MS would aim all this stuff at there current user base who didn't buy their 360 for these type of games. I also cannot see some one who wants this sort of game going for this over a wii due to the price. However, this may plug a leak and stop some pre-existing 360 owners buying a wii.

360 owners happy? no
6 year old girl happy? yes, she doesn't know about it as she was watching cbbc.

PtRoLLFacE2930d ago

i was going good, actually very good until that little girl came out and play with that tiger (first time i ever hear i tiger bark)that was just embarrassing and you could hear the audience making fun of them lol