Microsoft Conference Was A Huge Disappointment

Full breakdown of all announcements and information, don't get your hopes up. Go to bottom for analysis.

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sixaxis2899d ago

yes indeed, it left an impression that MS doesnt know which way their heading.

FangBlade2899d ago

Worst conference I have ever seen.

Gamerbee2899d ago

Wow.. This is pathetic.Microsoft has reached a new low. Blatantly copy Sony on the slim console version. Copy Sonys PS Eye & make a Sony exclusive multiplat. (Metal Gear) & that conludes Microsofts E3.

kneon2899d ago

What do you mean copy Sony on the slim, is it because it's also black? Or is it because it's smaller. You wouldn't expect them to make a bigger one would you? That would just be stupid.

Simon_Brezhnev2899d ago

@ timbaland101

lol now their going to rape your bubbles like me for saying the samething

Gamerbee2899d ago

Smaller design like a PS3
Shiny piano black finish(from white) like a PS3
Built in Wifi (after months of saying it wasnt needed) like a PS3
& shit like an Xbox.

Kinetic is the PS Eye. Everyone knows that. Even the moves camera is more precise than that laggy bs.

But seriously what was with the 2 hours of family gaming bs?

Shadow Flare2899d ago

do people now understand why MS only showed the red ball game for a whole year?

sikbeta2899d ago

I will not say it was a disappointment, but it's more than obvious that after the kinect Exclusive Show, people were expecting More than what they got in this Conference...

Gamerbee2899d ago

I care little for bubbles. The truth hurts. But it must be told. Now the Xbox has no games. & E3 has reinforced that. Tables have turned & Sony will shine. Microsoft has really tested the intelligence of gamers with that pre-recorded Kinect bs. Then they try to buy the press? hahahah

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Gladiator72899d ago

totally agree with you.
i think Sony Conference tomorrow will be much much better.

iamtehpwn2899d ago

But Unless Sony and Nintendo simply don't show up, Microsoft definitely lost.

ClownBelt2899d ago

Wait for E3 guys.


Oh wait...

red2tango2899d ago

lmao my thoughts exactly. xbox has been slacking since 2009.

nycredude2899d ago

Looks like I missed out on some news. WHat has been happening?

Anon19742899d ago

One new trailer for a game we know nothing about. Gears/Fable/Halo. Kinect...kinect...kinect. The same 5 or Kinect games we saw yesterday. New 360 with a bigger drive and wi-fi for the old price.

This was by far the lamest showing from Microsoft at E3 in years.

dragunrising2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Was the M$ conference disappointing for hardcore gamers? Yes. However, I think most people missed the point of the conference: Kinetic and redesigned 360 introduction. E3 is more than one day if you didn't know...

Did everyone know Gears 3, Fable 3, Halo Reach were coming? Yes. These titles and more are bound to get more coverage by the end of E3.

I think its notable that M$ secured exclusive DLC for Cod and ESPN integration. This is exciting for sports and Cod fans.

I remains to be seen if Sony's conference is similarly focused on they're peripheral, Move. If it is, I'm sure Sony fan(boys) will more than likely hype the presentation as the best thing ever...

Most of the big exclusives have already been announced, Socom 4 and Killzone 3 included.

I am probably equally exited about Move compared to Kinetic. With that said, the bias and negativity in the comments is horrible. If its not Sony its dirt apparently. Microsoft's line up is great and sure to compare to Sony regardless of what the little fan babies think.

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dizzleK2899d ago

let me get the bots a nice big fork to go with that giant slab of crow theyre eating today. mmmmm fanboy tears are delicious.

Somnipotent2899d ago

understatement of the year.

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