The Xbox 360 E3 press conference fails to impress

The lights just went out on the Xbox 360 E3 presser, and the worries sparked by the showy but thin on content Kinect presentation seem to have been confirmed.
With only one core-oriented new exclusive announced and most of the stage-time dedicated to Kinect, Microsoft's idea of the xbox 360 future seems more and more dedicated to casual gaming.

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Dread2929d ago

they needed to show more games. The slim is just not enough. and dont get me started on this kenetic bull.

and i am a 360 fan.

(halo and gears looked amazing though)

Critical_Hit2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

For me Rising and Gears were the highlight of the press conference. Sadly, everything went downhill from there. I was laughing at the sad attempts to show excitement when they were demoing the Kinect games though.

dizzleK2929d ago

i've said ms is going casual and would toss the hardcore a bone or two, like nintendo does, for weeks now and all i've gotten is de-bubbled and disagreed with. how does that crow taste, bots?

ThatCanadianGuy2929d ago

I don't know about the rest of you, but i was literally laughing out loud through most of it.It was just such rehearsed Bullshit..

The phony call from "Kristen" to her "twin sister" (who looked nothing like her)
The little asian girl hiding from "Skittles", the epic nerd guy's hilarious dancing.The fact that he was so serious made it even more funny..

LMAO! Oh man, so much wonderful gif's are being made right now! I can't wait!

Anon19742929d ago

"Wow! Look at the water! You can go anywhere!"

No. No you can't. What you can do is to at least try to fake enthusiasm while the game plays itself independently of ANYTHING you appeared to be doing in front of the camera.

ElementX2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I think it's amusing all these bloggers writing articles based on what they saw streaming over the Internet. Just goes to show how any stupid boob can write a story and submit it on N4G. What happened to credibility? Who the hell is classy gamer? Probably some 40yo sitting in tighty whities watching streaming video while sipping a michalob

This blog is basically a recap of everything that happened, something we've all probably read 10 times by now on other sites.

itisa2929d ago

Why are you agreeing with yourself?

Abriael2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"credibility"? That's an interesting word you used there. Would you tell me how being there would give someone more "credibility" over confortably watching the conference on a stream?

Besides the fact that me and others writing articles on the subject from our homes/offices haven't been bribed by Microsoft in writing something positive with a free xbox :D

But I'm quite sure that being object of very little veiled bribery doesn't make anyone more "credible". :D

Obama2929d ago

Did the give away of 360s to the journalists add anything to credibility I wonder?

FragGen2929d ago

What's wrong with tightie whities? Or Michelob for that matter? Who you guys looking at?

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The story is too old to be commented.